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12 Games like Stardew Valley on Steam

Explore a world of charming farming and adventure with games like Stardew Valley. If you’re a fan of its magic, these alternatives are a must-try!

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular independent games in recent years. Millions of people fell in love with this charming farming simulator due to its addicting gameplay, wonderful soundtrack, and simple but appealing visuals. But, if you’ve already spent countless hours in Stardew Valley and are searching for other similar games to try, here are a few to get you started. They all have something in common with games like stardew valley on steam., so there will be at least one or two that you will undoubtedly love.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of fantastic PC options for you to stretch your green thumb on, and we’ve compiled the absolute best of the crop below. Although not all of them are entirely focused on farming, we have ensured that farming plays an important role in each and every one of them. We’ve also added games with other essential Stardew characteristics, such as befriending communities, fishing, mining, collecting, and maybe a cheeky touch of romance.

At a glance, here are our top agricultural games like Stardew. Scroll down to read more and get ready for a bountiful crop of goodness. If you want to get to know the locals or develop your dream farm and care for animals, there are plenty of options if you want to move away from Big town. Continue reading to learn about the finest games like stardew valley on steam available right now.


It was difficult to choose the prettiest farming game on this list, but Ooblets’ bubblegum aesthetics, unique agricultural produce, and beautiful animals propelled it to the top. Farming in Ooblets follows the same cycle of planting, watering, and harvesting, but what distinguishes it are the unusual crops that may be grown. Instead of boring parsnips and carrots, try Pompadoots, Zinookas, and Fartichokes.

Each harvest is stranger and more fascinating than the last, making your farm appear more like a botanical garden of exotic plants than a farm. Another fantastic aspect of farming in Ooblets is that you may create a self-sustaining farm with your beautiful ooblet companions. Constructing and leveling oobcoops allows your ooblets companions to plant, irrigate, and harvest your crops for you. Really useful. We highly suggest it as a farming game to match Stardew, thanks to its life-sim aspects and the adorable ooblets available for collection.

Games like Stardew Valley

My Time At Portia

This agricultural and town construction sim has buckets of character to lure you into its familiar rhythms of planting, gathering materials, and manufacturing new equipment, and is perhaps the closest to a game for long-time Stardew veterans. There’s a lot more to it than just spreading seeds. While there is much of farming to do here, My Time At Portia is largely a town construction game, and many of the commissions you’ll be taking on entail creating new products for your fellow citizens.

You’ll find these in Portia’s larger, rather lovely post-apocalyptic world, as well as by hacking and slashing your way through its dungeons and monster-infested plains, adding a light RPG layer to the mix that helps bolster your character’s underlying stats  including that all-important stamina bar to keep you farming and crafting for longer. My Time At Portia is for you if you want something clean and wholesome.

My Time at Sandrock, My Time at Portia’s wild west-focused cousin, is now on Steam early access, and while we believe it has farming list entry potential, it’s still not nearly as excellent as Portia. We’ll reconsider this choice when it’s fully released in 2023.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is one of the greatest management games on PC right now, and while its sequel is already available in early access, it isn’t yet ready to compete with its predecessor. Instead of cultivating vegetables and milking cows, you raise adorable, bouncing slimes. There’s some carrot seeding here and there, but the goal is to fatten up your noisy army of gelatinous blobs and sell their ‘plorts’ (yep, excrement) for as much money as possible so you may expand your farm and feed more plots into the money producing machine.

It’s a bit faster-paced than Stardew since you’ll be foraging for materials and more exotic slimes away from your farm. You’ll have to return frequently, though, since these googly-eyed terrors are always getting themselves into trouble while you’re not looking. This is a farming game with a slimy, rebellious heart, whether it’s bouncing out of their respective pens and fleeing, or accidently devouring the plorts of other slimes and turning into all-consuming tar monsters. Despite its manic tendencies, it is still a highly approachable agricultural game that everyone can enjoy.

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a dark spin on the Stardew Valley model that has you in charge of a mediaeval graveyard. At first sight, it appears like there is nothing wrong. You’re still producing tiny veg patches and making things for your village neighbors, but soon a skull begins yelling instructions at you and everything becomes a touch otherworldly. You’ll be doing autopsy, burying fresh deados as they come on the back of the town donkey cart, and perhaps cutting off the odd chunks of flesh for a cheeky lunch or five. Yet it’s not only about spending time with the deceased.

You’ll also need to fish, cultivate crops, and explore nearby dungeons and caverns for fresh resources and alchemical materials. Well, in addition to becoming a farmer turned graveyard caretaker, you may also dabble in alchemy on the side. But keep an eye on that donkey, because he’ll be unionizing and wanting more carrots per corpse before you know it.

Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 is a game for agricultural purists who want to interact with mother nature in the most exact and genuine way possible. It means wonderfully depicted crops, as well as as nicely rendered farming machinery, such as the swankiest combine harvesters you’ve ever seen. Whereas the other farming games on this list focus on creating efficient routines and automating much of the farming process, Farming Simulator 22 requires you to manage and work the land yourself, from purchasing the necessary seeds, animals, and equipment to driving the vehicles and handling all of the dirty work.

If you want to broaden your farming horizons, you could build a vineyard or olive orchard instead, or downsize to just a humble greenhouse or a couple of beehives. Heck, you can even do a bit of landscaping when you get a spare moment, too, creating hills, ditches, structures, roads and buildings to make everything just so. It might not look quite as cozy and wholesome as Stardew Valley, but these furrows run deep.


This agricultural RPG by a duo of ex-Lionhead programmers (who worked on the Fable series) has many of the markings of a superb Stardew-like. Your farm is much smaller than you’re undoubtedly used to in Stardew Valley, but that’s mainly because you’ll be spending much of your time exploring the village’s old forests and immersing yourself in its bizarre faery stories. Predictably, it has a strong Fable-esque Albion flavor about it, which is a really nice thing.

What distinguishes Kynseed from other agricultural life simulations is the potential for your character to age, have children, and subsequently take the role of those progeny. Every action and decision you make gets passed down to each next generation, gradually. Every action and decision you make is passed down to the next generation, gradually forming a lasting family legacy that will follow you throughout the game.

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Forager is a bit faster-paced than some of the other agricultural games on our list, but if the major attraction of Stardew Valley is getting into the rhythms of gathering, constructing, and creating, then Forager will scratch a few of those pixelated itch. It’s a 2D, lo-fi combination of idle game mechanics and active exploration, with you continually moving between its many land masses, hoovering up plants, cows, gold, and other resources as you construct more and more items to extend your foraging empire.

Everything you acquire will end up in one of three places. The majority of it will be thrown into your furnace to help you make more items quicker, but you’ll also be throwing part of it onto your anvil to make new tools and running the rest through your sewing machine to outfit yourself in increasingly stronger duds to combat the local monsters. It’s a touch unrelenting in its speed at times, but it’s also weirdly fascinating, mixing the zen-like feel of a clicker game with Stardew’s relaxing country-living.


The purpose of Autonauts is to reach a zen-like state of complete automation in order to colonise and conquer as many weird new planets as possible. When you initially land on your first planet, for example, you must build everything from scratch, including your army of autonaut bots. The game begins simply, but even simple activities have unexpected depth.

To bake a pie, for example, you’ll need to build a mill to grind your wheat into flour, gather some fresh water from the river, and churn the milk you’ve, um… milked from your cows into butter, and that’s just for the dough! Then you’ll need a table to mix the pastry together, which will need you to cut down some trees to obtain wood. Thus on and so on.

Autonauts is more than just a farming and crafting game; it’s also a great introduction to the fundamentals of coding, as you’ll need to programme your autonauts to keep everything running smoothly, whether it’s harvesting grain and bringing it to the mill, or digging for clay to build a kiln, which you can then use to make bricks, which you can then use to build proper buildings… You get the picture. The nicest part about Autonauts is that you can accomplish everything at your own leisure.

Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

In September 2021, Tale Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town debuted on Steam. This entry in the Tale Of Seasons games is one of the greatest because to its heartwarming plot and fairly beautiful cows. It is an offshoot from the original programmers behind the much-loved Harvest Moon series. The cheerful tiny cows are everyone’s favorite part.

Pioneers Of Olive Town expands on the previous entry, Friends of Mineral Town – the principle remains the same, but there is a new town, a new map, and plenty of new faces to meet. The game follows an age-old story: players arrive into their grandfather’s ancient and rundown farm and are instantly plunged into the task of fixing it up and starting a profitable agricultural enterprise. A lovely town complete with stores, services, and friendly people aids gamers on their journey. Tale Of Seasons, one of the most similar games to Stardew Valley, is highly recommended for a pleasant and satisfying farming experience.

Coral Island

If you’re getting tired of Stardew’s farming, Coral Island is a more relaxed agricultural sim. You level up rather rapidly in the activities you participate in, and you can also gain percentage chance talents to aid with the grunt labour, such as helping your crops grow quicker, soil that keeps hydrated overnight, and double your harvest resources. There is also a very useful rapid transit system that allows you to speed around the island.

All of this adds up to the impression that you’re making more and more progress every day. If all the busy work feels overwhelming, Coral Island is a much more approachable farming sim, and once you’ve found your rhythm, it has plenty of Stardew’s activities – growing crops, looking after animals, exploring mines, getting to know the locals, there are even spirits gibing you bundles – it’s all familiar territory.


Spiritfarer isn’t entirely a farming sim, but it does include many of its greatest aspects. If you want a game with a little more story, this is the game for you. In Spiritfarer, you take on the role of a ferry master, assisting souls on their journey to the hereafter. You may fish, cook, cultivate, craft, and mine your way across the gorgeous seas of limbo, ensuring that the occupants of your boat have all they need before passing on.

Spiritfarer’s focus on the community is what makes it unique. True, it features all of the delightful busy labour and minigames found in agricultural sims, but instead of utilizing those abilities to earn a fortune or grow your own empire, you use them to serve others. It’s a beautiful game.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of enchanting games like Stardew Valley. Get ready for more farming fun and memorable experiences!