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15 Mind-Blowing Games Like Detroit: Become Human

Wondering which are the best games like Detroit: Become Human? – Here are 15 best games you will love to play over the weekend.

If you’re a fan of David Cage’s recent book, here are the games like Detroit: Become Human, one of his most popular successes in recent times. Are video games effective storytelling tools? David Cage seemed to approve. Cage, the creator of a number of narrative-driven games, is credited as being the first to forego gameplay in favor of the plot. Detroit: Become Human, his most recent book, is a science fiction adventure with elements that explore, along with other topics, what it means to be free.  The games on this list and those by Cage are among the best examples of how video games today have the capacity to deliver engaging stories. 

Games Like Detroit: Become Human

It’s possible that a game’s gameplay may determine whether it’s fun to play or not, but the story will be what everyone will remember about the game for years to come. After all, it’s simpler to recall the shock we experience when a new narrative twist occurs or the loss we feel when a character passes away.

The fantastic game Become Human is full of difficult choices, compelling stories, and fascinating characters. You may very simply rerun the game multiple times because there are so many different endings to discover. However, given that it has been few years since its release, there are many more games like Detroit: Become Human that you can play if you want to experiment with something new.

Games Like Detroit: Become Human

1. Indigo Prophecy

Possibly the game that made Cage famous. The Indigo Prophecy is odd, compelling, and unexpected in many ways, yet it’s not dull. Like many of the games on this list, Indigo Prophecy was released in 2005 by Quantic Dream. It has a limited amount of gameplay, but it makes up for it by delivering a dynamic narrative focused on the player’s decisions.

Indigo Prophecy, like Detroit Become Human, tells three parallel stories that frequently cross paths and have an impact on each other. Even skeptic players will be intrigued by the tale, despite the fact that it sometimes struggles to remain grounded.

14. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls features Elliot Paige and a cast of other performers to further emphasize the cinematic undertones of your standard Quantic Dream game. In Beyond: Two Souls, the concept of a young child inventing an imaginary friend is given a twist by making the imagined buddy actually exist. What follows is a terrible account of the main character’s life, beginning in childhood and ending in death. The voice acting is excellent, as one would expect from professional performers, and the gameplay, albeit limited, is original and free of the tedium found in previous Quantic Dream games. 

13. Call of Cthulhu

H.P. Lovecraft’s writings have garnered renewed interest over the last ten or so years. Lovecraft’s style of cosmic horror seems to be connecting with audiences in ways it never did when the author was still alive, from story retellings to dramatic radio programs. With Call of Cthulhu, Cyanide game developers took advantage of the Cthulhu obsession in 2018. In Call of Cthulhu, which is loosely based on the board game of the same name, you take on the role of a detective as you look into the tragic deaths of a well-known artist and her family. This game accomplishes a cinematic experience despite having quite a bit greater action than Detroit Become Human. 

12. Until Dawn

Another horror game from the same developers as Man of Medan, Until Dawn doesn’t use as many movie clichés as Man of Medan. Until Dawn was released in 2014 to considerable fanfare and has, to a large extent, aged well. It describes a group of friends and a harrowing night that included a crazy killer, a hunter with a flame thrower, and a dreadful figure from Native American legend. The game could have easily been a blockbuster feature picture, and the tale itself isn’t even the slightest bit predictable. 

11. Man of Medan

This is a horror videogame that blatantly references anthology horror films from the 1980s and 1990s. Despite having a brief running period, it presents a marine horror story with plenty of jump shocks. Even though some of the characters’ acts are puzzling, each of them has a unique personality. The game falls under the same genre as Detroit Become Human since it tells a tale with little to no user interaction.

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10. Life is Strange

Life is Strange, an unanticipated smash when it came out in 2015, recounts an emotional tale of life at a boarding school in the Pacific Southwest with a sprinkling of magical realism. The main character decides to use her time-bending abilities for good when she first discovers she has them, although occasionally the way to hell is paved with positive motives. Life is Strange provides a realistic and grounded tale about adolescent difficulties despite the mystical components. It accomplishes this using a distinctive art style that is uncommon in video games.

9. Heavy Rain

If Indigo Prophecy established Cage’s reputation, Heavy Rain cemented it. Heavy Rain, a mystery thriller from Quantic Dream, was released in 2010 and belongs to the same genre as other mystery thrillers like True Detective. Even if the plot isn’t quite as bizarre as that of its predecessor, it is nevertheless captivating, if somewhat predictable.

The entire game is shrouded in some type of visual haze which lends it a dreamlike feel. The Playstation 4 remake improves the aesthetics to meet contemporary standards, even though the graphics may not have withstood the passage of time. To enjoy the game as the designers intended, I suggest playing the updated version.

8. L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire, a 2011 release, has gained some cult status among gamers. The games went to tremendous measures to faithfully recreate Los Angeles from many years ago, and in that aspect, they did an outstanding job. The speech and graphics combine to give the game a genuine sense. Together with the face-reading feature the game added.

Even if it can be silly at times, this game mechanic demonstrates the developers’ willingness to take chances with the narrative. It is uncommon to see a game remain popular almost a decades after its release, but the game has done so in large part because of its fan base. There is no need to search any further if you want a captivating plot in your game. 

7. Kentucky Route Zero

You most likely aren’t familiar with this enjoyable game. Kentucky Route Zero is a visually stunning game that also has an intriguing plot. It’s simple to get the idea that Cardboard Computer’s developers went to great efforts to make sure the narrative was as as memorable as the graphics.

They were successful there. You can choose from a variety of characters, each with their own personality, to play as. The conversation you receive and the scenario you play through are both influenced by the characters you select. Due to the numerous ways one can progress through the game and obtain various stories, it has almost endless replay potential. 

6. The Walking Dead

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is an experiment in applying tension at just the right times, much like the television program that served as its inspiration. Although the game contains humorous and lighthearted moments, there is nevertheless a constant undercurrent of dread.

The game’s popularity appears to have increased after its 2012 release alongside the popularity of the TV program. In the early stages of the zombie apocalypse, it chronicles the tale of another group of survivors. The colorful and tragic ensemble of characters the gamers encounter as they travel across the zombie-infested south are the real stars of the game, but a few actors from the television program do make an appearance.

5. Broken Age

Among the most captivating stories on this list is that of Broken Age. In actuality, the player has the freedom to switch between two stories. As a result, you can just play as the other character to give yourself some breathing room if you get stuck on a challenge.

Broken Age is a standout example of how well videogames can convey stories because it does so in a whimsical way that few other games can. The characters are instantly likeable, and even when the action slows down, the game is able to keep the player’s interest.

4. The Wolf Among Us

Another 2013 release from Telltale depicts a pretty sad narrative. This is true even though the game includes characters from well-known fairy tales. The game primarily draws from Telltale’s distinctive visual language, giving it a look that is almost comic book-like. You take on the role of the game’s eponymous wolf as he attempts to solve the murder’s mystery. To accomplish this, the game presents a variety of options, requiring the player to select the best course of action given the information at hand. 

3. Little Hope

The same authors that brought you Until Dawn are behind a series of horror anthologies that includes Little Hope and Man of Medan. Like Detroit Become Human, Little Hope presents a story that is nearly entirely determined by the choices you as the player make. Your split-second choices as events unfold affect a large portion of the game, including player interactions and cinematics.

The setting of the game contributes much to its dread. Little Hope is a cast of vibrant, three-dimensional characters who you grow attached to, as is typical of the games in this anthology. You’ll probably become more and more involved in their existence as the game goes on. One of the best storytelling is found in Little Hope. 

2. The Inpatient

The Until Dawn prequel is another Supermassive Game. Playstation VR is intended to be used to play The Inpatient, which only improves the narrative. You play as the primary character, navigating a hospital that is obviously more sinister than it first appears to be, rather than commanding the major characters. The game nonetheless manages to create a terrifying story, one that depends on the choices you make along the way, while not being as action-packed as its predecessor. 

1. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

This game is one of the best Sherlock Holmes video game representations. Although The Devils’ Daughter can be difficult in the beginning, it is simply a portion of its attraction. The experience is still mostly similar to watching a movie, even if the game has more gameplay than other games on this list.

As he solves the captivating mystery at the center of this game, Holmes is as endearing and humorous as ever. Despite being several years old, the graphics don’t seem out of date. This book is a must-have for everyone looking for an exciting tale. In our recommensdation Sherlock Homes is one of the best games like Detroit: Become Human.

W hope this list of games like Detroit: Become Human has helped you find some interesting games to play this weekend. If you would like suggest similar games with us, do share in the comments below.