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How to Take Care Of The Touchscreen Phones

Samsung is heating up the touchscreen market with their new touchscreen series of Corby & Star at lower costs, people are in more favour to buy such touchscreen phones & trust me they are way too much good in their price ranges.

So many of people who are using for the touchscreen cellphones ofr the first time I have some tips to share for you, before you screw up your phone’s delicate Touchscreen.

TouchScreen Care

How to Take Care of The Touchscreen Phones :

1. Cover your touchscreen with a screenguard, a much high quality screenguard than the one you get in local market. I prefer you to buy a touchscreen guard from Molife, which fits perfectly to your screens. They are available at Rs.250 -300 in Reliance digital stores, which if you think is expensive thenĀ  -you are too wrong. It is removable, washable & also protects your screen from ultraviolet rays. (Screen guard not required in case of cpacitive touchscreen – which is not on Samsung cellphones)

2. Don’t give unnecessary pressure on screen as it will not work better with more pressure. Its a touch screen not pressure screen. So use delicate touch with it.

3. Is your phone comes with stylus, you preferably use it instead of hands, because you may apply more pressure on it and break things beneath it. (Not necessary for Samsung touch phones.)

4. Ladies, be aware dont keep your phone with your makeup bottles of sunscreen & blah blah blah, because your touchscreen will be dead if it comes in contact with that.

5. Don’t put your screens on dashboard of car, to keep it away from direct sunlight.

6. Try to keep it in a soft carry case always !!!

7. Dont put your hard metal keys with phone in a jeans pocket. It may cause screen to scratch.


  1. Avatar
    selog January 13, 2010

    that are really gr8t tips thanks man

  2. Avatar
    Aashik January 19, 2010

    Thanks, I would definitely follow your instructions as i am using a touch screen phone for the first time…
    samsung corby- gt-3650

  3. Avatar
    normen March 20, 2010

    I want to raise a quastion, how bout magnet contact with touch screen? is it bad?. because there are companies who produce magnetic leather cases

  4. Avatar
    CHLZ April 03, 2010


  5. Avatar
    Alfred April 15, 2010

    Thanks dude, really helpful..

  6. Avatar
    matteo May 27, 2010

    good tips !! sex sex sex sex sex…

  7. Avatar
    nuha July 10, 2010

    can i use double poly rap to protect the screen?

  8. Avatar
    Asha August 21, 2010

    hi. i got my touchscreen phone laminated since i got like scratches on the body of phone.. would tht be a problem

  9. Avatar
    ADIPHONE FREAK September 11, 2010

    I m usin samsung Monte GT-5620
    Its haivn feather touch screen far uch sensitive than corby n star .i want to ask how to clean the touch screen and back side because ordinary cotton cloth just spreads the oil every where on phone.

  10. Avatar
    Capcom_17 May 07, 2011

    Pouches with magnets, would that affect touch screen gadgets such as the galaxy tablet?


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