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Detailed Guide On Installing Games and Apps For Samsung S5233/S5230

I recived yesterday a comment from Najimsha Diwan, who has given detailed method  of Installing Games and Apps For Samsung Star S5233/S5230. So I thought it is better to compile it in different post. Thanks Najimsha for helping the star community on

Samsung Star Email POP3 Settings

How To Install Install Games and Apps in Samsung  Star S5233/S5230

(Note: Tried it myself many time. Works perfectly)

I am assuming you have the game you want to install with you. In this example I downloaded Erix.jar game. And created jad file using JADMaker (Google for JadMaker, to download it). Using JADMaker you need to create “.jad” file. Now I have “Erix.jad” and “Erix.jar” files.

Connect the phone to PC and start “Samsung New PC Studio

Open the File browser and go to “External Memory“. Create a directory there (Name it anything you want your game name to be).

I will be creating a directory called “Erix“. Then copy the Erix.jar and Erix.jad files into that folder. Disconnect the phone from PC now.

Got to Menu -> Browse -> Enter URL

Type -> “”

Browse down and you will see “Quick Download”. Click it. Then enter quick download code as 51799 . Download and install it. Exit from browse.

Go to Menu -> Applications -> Games and more -> LiteFTP

You will be in LiteFTP menu

Select Mmc (Memory card) and click OK. It will be at end.

You should be able to see the folders in memory card. Select Erix folder (dont enter it) and press “123” button. Then press “1” (This will copy the Erix folder). Select “Back”. You should be back in “root” directory.

In root directory you will see a folder with “dont enter” symbol named “My PrivateMy PhotoMy Video …….”. Select it and press OK to enter it.

There will be nothing in the folder. Now paste the Erix folder. To do so press “3” to paste.
Exit the LiteFTP.

Open “Keypad” and type “*#6984125*#” (Without quotes)

This will automatically open “Admin setting”

Select “4 Internals” and enter “*#9072641*#” (without quotes). And confirm.

This will take you to “Internals” menu. Select “6. Storage settings“.

Select “2. Update media database
then select “3. Update Java DB
then select “10. Create Ax Dat File

Exit from all those menus.

Now go to Menu -> Applications -> “Games and more” You should be able to see new icon “LiteFTP/files/Erix”. Rename it if you want to. Then start the game.

All Games and Software’s installed in this way will be located in Menu -> Applications -> “Games and more”


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  1. Avatar
    Ajith2020 March 30, 2010

    use minicommander!!

  2. Avatar
    udit kumar May 27, 2010

    mam, sir ,
    i have a samsung star GT – S 5233 S ! !
    i have no LiteFtp.
    and whn ever i enter that code in keypad , it shows network error !
    advise.. and please tel me how to install java games on my fone…

    thanks to u .. !
    please help..

  3. Avatar
    Rajko July 27, 2010

    I have the same problem with getting
    LiteFtp from that website.
    ( whn ever i enter that code in keypad , it shows network error )

    thanks to u .. !
    please help..

  4. Avatar
    Ali August 14, 2010

    i tried this thing i copied several games to the phone but just one of them worked
    do something
    this is very irritating

    • Avatar
      Amol Wagh August 14, 2010

      First > the games must be in Java
      Second > It should support your screen resolution of 240×400

      And read procedure properly to install it.

      • Avatar
        gopi February 18, 2011

        help me to i cant ins tall game on samsung s5230

  5. Avatar
    Ali August 14, 2010

    it still says
    Java Error
    Invalid Format
    help meeeee

  6. Avatar
    deven August 30, 2010

    you are now connecting to our serve liteftp ………………… i ket it for an hour
    but then also the msg was same

  7. Avatar
    Tom Cruise October 20, 2010

    i have a samsung star GT–S5233S. I also installed jar/jad file in private folder. But when I Open “Keypad” and type *#6984125*# nothing happens. plzzzzzzzz helpppppp.


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