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How To Study And Travel At The Same Time

Postgraduate study and international travel may seem like two mutually exclusive pursuits, but with the right online courses and the proper preparation and planning, you can kill these two birds with one stone – and enjoy doing it.

Fortunately, universities now offer plenty of options for postgraduate courses online, so if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you no longer have to forgo your studies to scratch that itch to roam. In fact, these innovative, flexible programs, which allow you to study no matter where you are, help facilitate – even encourage – travel.

It makes sense, given that many consider travel as an essential element of education. After all, travel exposes you to different people, cultures, languages, traditions, surroundings, and life experiences. It can supplement and often enhance what you’re learning from textbooks, lectures, and other course material.

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How to pick a winning program

For student traveler hopefuls, you want to find a postgraduate online course that meets the following criteria:

1. It should be something you think you’ll enjoy.

Choose a course that you want to do, or one you need to do; otherwise, you may find it impossible to stay focused, especially with your new surroundings constantly taunting you to come out and play. If you know you need to advance your skills, or qualify your experience with a postgraduate degree, then staying focused while you’re away will be significantly less difficult.

2. It should be career-focused.

Consider your career goals, then find a course that will give you the requisite qualifications to help you establish or advance that career path.

3. It should be flexible.

In our increasingly globalised and mobilised society, flexibility is key. You want to be able to study where you want, when you want, on your devices of choice. Luckily, there are programs available that already cater to working professionals and parents with demanding schedules and can likewise easily accommodate world travellers.

4. It should be affordable.

The cost for this education should not be prohibitive. Look for a reasonably priced program that provides value for money – and leaves a bit of cash in your pocket for travel treats.

Tips for travel and study success

Of course, to successfully combine study and travel, some of the onus does fall on you – but it’s well worth it. Just stick to these tips and tricks:

1.Be prepared.

Before you set out on your studious adventure, gather all the necessary course materials, know your deadlines (keeping in mind those changing time zones), make sure your destinations have internet access, and ensure that you have all the technology (and portability) you need, such as your laptop, adapters, cables, and chargers.

2.Manage your time well and exercise self-discipline.

Set aside specific time for your studies, and stick to it as best you can. You can reward yourself for work well done with a bit of sightseeing!

3. Make use of your program’s support system.

Connect online with other peers in your program. Some postgraduate programs also have dedicated advisors you can turn to for advice, motivation, and guidance throughout your coursework. Both can provide a sense of community, support, and help, helping to foster your success.

For flexible online courses you can study from anywhere in the world, contact Southern Cross University Online today on 1300 589 882.

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