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How Educational Apps Improve The Learning Process

The days are gone when students had to visit a library to review topics and read books. But thanks to technology, now students can take advantage of the educational applications to practice and review more of their lessons. In the past decade it has been observed that, after the release of Apple’s iPad in April of 2010, students who preferred learning using educational apps scored more as compared to students who didn’t use it. Medical students scored 23 percent higher on national exams than previous unequipped classes. Hence, we can see that students can perform better and study more efficiently using smartphones as well as tablets. In the process of learning, a gadget equipped with educational applications can be a useful tool to help learners. As per statistics, in July 2013 educational applications became the 2nd most popular app category. We can say that educational applications can reshape the future of education and can make it outstanding.

Among many applications that are available in the app store, parents should choose the right application for their children which can change the way they look at the process of learning. Educational apps are revolutionizing education and making things easier for children to understand. Often children find books to be boring, so here these educational applications come to the rescue with moving animations and colorful pages making learning more fun than ever.

Here is a list of things that will make explain how educational apps are improving the learning process:


As per studies, mobile apps promote entertainment. Learning has become active with the applications. Now students can learn difficult subjects like Math, physics, chemistry with interesting video lectures that include 3D animation and in air projection technique to portray the concept in a better way. Level based apps inculcate determination to pass each level. So this is surely the best way to enhance education.

2. Learn Systematically:

Students can learn systematically with the help of these applications. App based learning enables both smart learning and systematic learning at the same time. It promotes not only a craving for learning but systematic learning. The apps are arranged in a systematic way that it becomes possible for students to go with the flow without even realising.

3. Study on the go:

The feature of the educational application that is, being portable, making it worth to use for every student. Aspirants can access the contents such as mock tests, test serie, and eBooks whenever they want it to use. This helps the aspirants to utilize their leisure time wisely. Hence, aspirants must use educational applications to prepare for the exam in an effective way.

4. Detailed Analysis:

Student can now keep track of their performances as these applications provide detailed analysis for each test. After completing a chapter you will be directed to a test series based on the particular chapter. Once you will be done with the test, a detailed analysis will instantly appear on the screen. Hence, students can know their weak areas and focus more on them.

5. Enhanced Interaction

Experts say that apps in education can make children more interactive. It can develop better engagement between parents and children. The most effective way is to engage with the children while they are using applications. Interaction tendency in children is enhanced by mobile applications.

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