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Growth And Impact of Educational Technology

The future of educational technology is every time an exciting topic. Till now, we can see that, we have come across various number of developments in the field of technology and education starting right from the electric train to the robotics. With the growth of these trends, the ways of learning and teaching are changed as well.

As said by David Warlick- “ We need the technology in almost every classroom as well as in every student’s and also teacher’s hand, this is because it is like the pen and the paper of our time, and also it is like the lens through which we get to experience more of our world.”

Yes, this is true because the world is progressing rapidly along with the habits. So, it is a good impact that everyone gets familiar with the recent developments. All the possibilities for an educator, nowadays, is said to be both thrilling and also an terrifying experience, as we are accommodating the new methods, tools and the knowledge which the evolution requires.

Educational technology is nothing but the implementation of various tools, processes and techniques, facilitating application of the senses and the memory. It also deals with perception so as to intensify the teaching methods, practices and also to improve the learning outcomes.

Nowadays, we can find that technology is changing in a rapid state, and it doesn’t matters whether you are in same area or whether you could connect with others all around the world. It has enhanced with the impact of social media in our lives. it is hard to imagine ourselves without the use of technology.

List of Top Ten Educational Trends

The use of technology is increasing at an alarming rate. We can see its effects in the educational sectors as well as other related fields with a sense of positive impact. And also, it is playing an important role in fetching us to learn new things day by day.

Here are some of the Top 10 Educational Technology Trends that could rule the world of education system.

1. Increase in Collaboration

We can find that not just students are the one’s using the combination of various tools and technologies, Teachers and also entire schools and education systems can inexpensively and easily share the data, content and also the ideas. All this is happening with the good impact of this educational technology.

2. Development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is mainly exhibited by the use of machines. This technique of learning involves the implementation of high levels of individualized learning. Starting right from the nursery level going up to the graduation, this artificial has an good impact on the way of learning method and on the education system.

3.The Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is known to be the largest technologies in the list. This method is said to be a good implementation in the field of education. By this virtual reality learning, group of students are able to study in a way with good interaction and also enhances the sharing up of ideas and views with each other thus helping in developing a good learning ideas.Educational Technology of Virtual Reality

This involves a three dimensional way of learning and visualization of the things in the classroom.

4. Mobile Learning or E-Learning

Nowadays, mobile learning or also called e-learning is playing a significant role in the field of education and is one of the current trend in the education zone. Almost, every student is adopting this strategy of learning.

The Traffic of these mobile application is comparatively increased with the computers and this is the reason the mobile app companies are now developing more number of learning apps for the purpose of education sectors which contributes to the improvement in engagement level.The mobile learning method includes the use of educational apps.

These educational apps have all the information related to the academic curriculum of education. These apps provide study materials such as NCERT books, and also sample papers related to various civil services exams like banks, UPSC, CAT, etc. For example- Byju’s- The learning App is an mobile learning app providing engaging video learning methods for the students.

5. Implementation of Laptops & tablets in Education

Various educational institutions are introducing conventional methods of learning by implementing laptops and tablets in the classroom learning. The old black-board teaching method is more-off vanishing these days with this new development.

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6. Smart board Learning

This concept of learning focusses on to redesigning of the classroom and also the implementation of the smart educomp inside the classroom. This facility encourages the students to participate in the discussions through notebooks and tablets. It improves the student’s ability of thinking and learning in an fun and engaging way.

7. Social Media Development

Most of the educational institutions have adopted the social media platform to engage the students in various activities and areas of education. These social medias connect the students to group meetings, get-togethers and also school meetups.

8. Using the video format learning in education sectors

The Video learning tool is one of the major developments that is on rise in the recent years. Many students are accessing this way of learning as it is said to be an engaging format of learning. It is also said to help them get through their homework and exams.

9. Implementation of Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC ’s

This platform of learning helps the students to discover free online course materials of learning on the internet. This method is similar to as that of the online education.

10. Cloud technology in Education

This method of learning is opted by the students those who cannot attend the normal classes. This feature includes the basic textbook lessons, and also the video lessons or a student can fetch a live chat session with the trainer regarding the subject.

The world is developing and so as the education too. Encouraging new technologies and innovations leads to the development of skills of students. They tend to develop problem-solving techniques, creativity, entrepreneurship skills in this business world.

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About the Guest Author:  Nazneen Kousar

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