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Best Apps Useful for Engineering Students

Engineering students frequently need access to applications that simplify their computing tasks for both mobile and web platforms. Applications designed for engineering students ensure that they can accomplish their tasks irrespective of their operating system.

Most engineering tasks are technology-intensive and require team members to be productive. Students can effectively fulfill their engineering study goals by deploying electronics engineering projects with the help of the following popular applications, designed with a novel perspective.

Android Wabbitemu for Instrumentation Graphs

Revsoft’s Wabbitemu, available on popular e-Commerce websites including Amazon and eBay, is an Andriod application for the creation of instrumentation graphs in engineering disciplines. Even complex tasks like Texas Instrument graph calculators are available on your mobile device in a location independent manner. The Wabbitemu has been extended recently for availability on the iOS and Windows platforms.

Wolfram Alpha for Data Mining Engineering Queries

Wolfram Alpha is a computer-based knowledge engine, equipped with important information for multiple engineering disciplines. Whenever engineering students need answers to complex questions, they can rely on Wolfram Alpha to get the most accurate answer to their query from the right combination of data sources. Wolfram Alpha relies on its internal database and external information sources to answer the question precisely, supported by relevant links for facilitating further research.

Electrodroid for Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Electrical and electronics students can take advantage of the database of electronics tools and references available through the electrodroid application to solve complex engineering problems. Electrodroid is available in the basic and professional versions for Android, Windows, Blackberry, Partseeker and many other platforms.

Document and Image Scanning through the CamScanner Application

Physical documents can be converted into digital documents using the CamScanner application. CamScanner is available for Blackberry, Android, iOS, and Windows systems. Physical documents, when converted into digital documents, can be manipulated to change their aesthetics and shared in a variety of formats including JPEG images, PDF, or Word formats.

Dropbox for Efficient Collaboration in Engineering Projects

Elaborate electronic engineering projects can be handled efficiently with Dropbox. Projects related to CAD, robotics or animation can be deployed to enhance productivity and efficiency of engineering teams. Projects assisted by Dropbox have access to indispensable tools and are supported by technical blogs and communities. The large storage space with security measures enables the management of large files for complex engineering projects.

Calculation Intensive Tools for Engineering Students

The market is abundant with engineering tools that make calculations easy for students. A number of tools available to engineering students include:

  • iEngineer contains a database with essential screw and bolt information pertaining to the force screws can withstand and the type of drill most suited for drilling them
  • iCircuit helps engineering students design and experiment with circuits. An inbuilt repository containing over 30 circuitry elements enables engineering students to deploy a large number of designs, and a simulator helps them work with both analog and digital circuits
  • Mechanical engineering students can take advantage of the Mechanical Engineer application, which contains over 300 useful formulas helpful for engineering students.
  • FingerCAD helps Computer Aided Design professionals with their technical drawings related to infrastructure, house designs, mechanical component designs, or simply geometrical figures.
  • AutoCAD360 is another application, widely in use by engineering students, which helps share and edit DWG drawings. Files can be revised and annotated with the AutoCAD360 application. The functions available with AutoCAD360 are location independent and help engineering students perform important tasks on the go. Engineering students can accomplish important tasks even they are located outside their offices, during on-field work or in a meeting. Sharing of ideas with AutoCAD 360 is extremely simple and efficient and promotes collaboration among engineering teams.
  • Mech Ref is an online reference, especially targeted at Mechanical Engineering students. Mech Ref allows students to refer to anything related to their notes, without the need for physical textbooks.
  • Engineering Unit Conversion is a calculation intensive tool which serves as a handy application for engineering students who want to perform any form of conversion. Engineering unit conversion can be used by engineers to cover all forms of conversions that engineers need on a daily basis.
  • TurboViewerX is the ideal application that helps engineers deal with all types of 3D files including DWG, CAD, and DXF files. TurboViewerX allows engineers to collaborate on critical projects by enabling features for marking changes and sharing the required files with the people in their contact list. Documents and drawings are much more accessible by the creative genius who can edit them anytime and anywhere.
  • Smart Tools HD is another application targeted at engineering students, which helps measure magnetic fields, angles, distances, sounds, vibrations, and slopes. Smart Tools HD also contains a GPS, magnifier, and flashlight.

The large numbers of applications available in the market for engineering students provide the desired convenience for collaborative teams, to accomplish large projects easily. Engineering teams have technical information easily available, which guarantees project success.