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Empower Your Teaching Methods With Technology

With the multiple technological tools at your disposal as a teacher, it only makes sense that you empower your teaching methods with technology. This article does not seek to introduce you to technology tools for schools or some of the teaching tools for next gen; you can find those ones in some of my earlier articles on similar topics.

In today’s article, we simply take a general look at the concept of using technology to make teaching better while briefly discussing the basic concepts of the whole thing. Additionally, we will briefly look at most of what has been said in the previous article especially as they relate to the topic at hand.

What Does it Mean to Empower Teaching Methods With Technology?

This is perhaps simple enough: the use of technological tools and devices to make the teaching and learning process easier. It does not matter whether you are a K-5 teacher or a grade 12 teacher, and it definitely does not matter whether you teach art or science, you can always bend technology to your will. I have already dealt with a number of tools that can make the learning process a lot easier. However, we can briefly take a look at them.

How to Make the Most of Technology in Teaching

It is no secret. We live in a digitized world where everything is getting faster and “softer”. For lovers of entertainment, heaven has just come down to earth. But for teachers, the most important thing is to find teaching methods to use any and every piece of technology to productive use in the learning process.

What soon follows are interesting ways to practically use even the most unusual piece of technology in teaching. Start to improve your teaching methods with these steps.

Step One: Understand that Any Tech Device can be Useful

As a teacher, the first mindset you should develop as regards the use of technology is that any and every piece of technology can be useful in the classroom or in preparing lesson plans. From the battery of an iPhone 7 to the lens of a project, the unlikeliest of technology tools could be the best of teaching aids when the right moment comes.

Step Two: Embracing These Tools

While some teachers delude themselves in the idea that technology is taking their jobs away from them, some of them have actually learned to use technology tools to empower their teaching. One cannot work with what one does not love, hence the need for teachers to be at peace with technology. Instead of seeing the internet and cutting edge smart devices as competitors, it is important for teachers to decide to work with these tools and not against them.

Step Three: Familiarize Yourself with These Tools

From what is the first step, I believe you have already known that the tools in question can be anything so long as it is technological and serves the needed purpose at the moment. Having said this, teachers must not rush into the classroom in the hopes that they already have the knowledge of what their tools will look like in use. No. What is enough is to practice with the chosen tool until near perfection.

Whether it is a PowerPoint slide or a mobile that will feature, teachers must learn how to manipulate these tools for the sake of their students’ interest.

As a teacher, these three steps are what you need to mentally empower your teaching tools with technology. Having known this, let’s now briefly look at the many technology tools that can be used by both teachers and students n the learning process.

Technology Tools That Will Improve Your Teaching

teaching methods using technology

So far, you have learned a lot of concepts and ideas that you can use in your teaching endeavours. Let us now look at these tools specifically:

  • Educational Websites: This is like the simplest, easiest and fastest place teachers can run to in times of academic emergencies to help themselves out. Do well to see some of the top websites that you can use to draft a sound lesson strategy. We have already published some of them.

  • Social Media: Nothing beats learning with a smile on the face in a somewhat non-formal setting. The social media happens to be that one place where learning can be made both interesting and fun. You can start with Facebook and Twitter.

  • Smart Phones: They can be used in a great variety of ways to enhance the learning process. Talk about audio recording, video recording, camera shots, internet access and more

  • Computers: They come in various sizes and form but the most popular form is the laptop which does for you what a smartphone can do and even more.

  • Applications: When the right education applications are downloaded and run on smartphones, half of the teacher’s job is already done. And when students do the same, most of the teaching is done even before classroom confrontation.

  • Software’s: They do what mobile phone applications do, but at the computer level. What is more? They usually do it better.

  • Projectors: When used together with white boards, beautiful images can be projected for the appreciation of students.

  • Podcasting: It sure feels good to read about something new especially if it is interesting, but no doubt, listening to the voice of your own teacher over the internet is a great feeling nearly every student will relate to.

  • Video Calling: This looks like podcasting but isn’t it actually. Instead of voice, the video of both callers can be seen by each other and in real time. The most popular software or application for doing this is Skype.

  • Miscellaneous Tools: Here comes the calculators, kaleidoscopes, toys, robots and just about every other piece of technology which the teacher can incorporate into his or her teaching methods.


Learning never ends both on the side of the teacher and the student. This means that the smart teacher should look out for newer, better and simpler teaching methods in which technology can also be used to simplify teaching. As time has already proven, technology not only simplifies teaching, it also makes it effective, interesting and quick.