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K-5 Math Teaching Resources: Best of 2017

K-5, pronounced as K-through-5 refers to the earliest years of academic education in most countries starting from the first year of preschool to the 5th year of schooling. In these foundational years, it can be quite difficult to teach children of this age mathematics as their minds are not yet developed enough to assimilate all the facts that will be brought before them.

To make K-5 children appreciate and understand mathematics even more, there is a need for the use of appropriate teaching resources. And in the 21sit century, the best K-5 math teaching resources are the ones that are built with the latest technology and feature a simplistic approach to learning math. Fortunately enough, there are a whole lot of resources: videos, games, software, applications, websites and more. But before we proceed with these resources, let’s look at some reasons for using these ultramodern K-5 math teaching resources.

Advantages of Using Ultramodern K-5 Math Teaching Resources

  • The resources we are about to discuss briefly, have a lot of benefits to K-5 education. Here are some of them.
  • The simple truth is that math is an abstract subject that could prove quite difficult to learn; hence the need for teaching resources to make its learning easy.
  • On the other hand, these resources make learning fun for children.
  • These K-5 resources enhance teacher efficiency.
  • Tith K-5 math teaching resources, the learning process becomes pretty much faster.
  • They are cheap and easy to acquire.
  • The advantages continue, but then let’s look at some of the very best K-5 math teaching resources available.

K-5 Teaching Resources

We start with this resource point as it is a website designed for children within the K-5 range, and with the purpose of helping them learn subjects like maths. This site has a great variety of resources available for the academic consumption of both pupils and teachers. These resources include math projects, lessons, and practice exercises. In addition to these, there are also games that K-5 students can play to enhance their knowledge of mathematics. To sum it all up, this website provides links that lead to several kinds of literature that teachers can use to simplify the teaching process.

Visit Website

K-5 M?th Teaching R???ur??s

Cynthia Lanius

This site has an approach to math which is similar to Mathalicious’. Like Mathalicious, they believe math can and should be fun. This is why Cynthia Lanius of the Rice University has taken the pain to set up a math learning program that will teach children math without the usual drill that math lessons are known for.

Resources for K-5 pupils can be found here as well as resources for older students up to Grade 8.

C?nth?a Lanius - K-5 Math Teaching Resources


When the name of a website ends with –licious, you need not be told that in many ways, that site is delicious. The ideology of Mathalicious is simple: math can be fun, should be fun, and must remain fun. Although this website targets mid school students, K-5 teachers have found it very useful in handling the mathematical needs of their pupils. And for the born mathletes in the K-5 range, Mathalicious is open to them.

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Khan Academy

This math teaching resource comes with an approach similar to the Mathalicious ideology but a little bit different. While Mathalicious makes math delicious, Khan Academy focuses on the use of creative videos to break down the most complex of mathematical concepts to easily absorbable bits. For K-5 teachers, Khan Academy is a formidable resource. And very importantly, all the videos available on this website are free.

Teachers don’t pay anything yet get some of the very best math teaching resources out in existence. For kids old enough to use this site on their own, there are small tests available too.

Visit Khan Academy Website

PBS Learning Media

This is more like a gallery of many useful teaching resources that can be used to make the whole education process more enjoyable. From graphics to videos, and just about any idea that will prove beneficial to teachers, PBS Learning Media has got it all. And the most interesting thing fact about PBS Learning Media, perhaps, is that it was made specifically for younger pupils in the K-5 range and even up to the 8th grade.

Although they offer teaching resources on several topics, the K-5 math teaching resources can be found here. All of their materials are free and can be easily downloaded.

Saylor Academy

Most K-5 math teaching resources are the same. They use similar items such as videos, audios, text, assessments and more. What differentiates one from the other is usually the mode of operation. For Saylor Academy, the distinguishing factor is an increasing difficulty as the user advances from K1 to K12. The site starts math lessons from the simplest concepts and gradually takes it further with each increasing grade.

Additionally, there are more complex math problems for adventurous pupils. Who knows? The Saylor University can spark up the genius in your child. Another interesting feature of the Saylor University is that new course materials are frequently added, making sure that the resources on the website remain relevant and up-to-date.

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CK-12 Foundation

Now the CK-12 Foundation brings math teaching and teaching in general to a whole new level. Not only does it provide lesson plans on specific subjects, but it is also an excellent tool teacher can use to create smart lesson plans. It has features that the teacher can leverage on to convert his or her ideas to a simple book that can be used during classroom instruction especially as it relates to mathematics. Click here to visit their website.

Discovery Education

Discovery education happens to be one of the few websites that provide teaching resources for the instruction os students of many ages. In an attempt to keep up with a fast-paced academic environment, it creates premade and engaging lesson plans teachers can use to make the teaching process both easy and fun. The lesson plans and resources available can be used in instructing students starting from K-5 to grade 12. Subjects are arranged in a way which allows teachers easy access to the subject and topic of choice.

Learn more about Discovery Education here.


Teaching children can be difficult especially if it is a subject like maths which is in many ways vague. To bring out the best in children; the K-5 children in this aspect, modern teaching resources need be used. And when it comes to math, the resources contained in this article are more than enough to start with.

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