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Learning Apps and Games For Babies

Science tells us that kids learn more through their sight than any of their other senses. While older generations had fewer means of tapping into this discovery, the jet age which we live in has developed a lot of creative ways to enhance a child’s learning. They range from colorful and well-illustrated books to interesting games and apps available on Android and Apple platforms. It is these baby learning games that this article is all about.

You may be thinking that it is a risk to allow babies toy with your expensive device. Your fears are valid but if you can spare it, then your kids will be glad you did as this opportunity helps them develop faster.

In the succeeding paragraphs, we discuss some of the best games and applications that can help your child develop their mental abilities. It is important to note that babies have to reach a certain age to be able to play some of these games. But then, these games were designed for babies within 10 months and 3 years.

You kids older than 3 years? – Check out websites where kids can learn computer programming!

Top Learning Game and Apps for Babies

Kids Animal Piano

Whether you are just looking for a game that your toddlers can use to pass time or you want something that will lull them to sleep when you do not have the energy to do so, you will find solace in this game. Kids Animal Piano is a muscial game that allows babies to enjoy musical tunes even as they get the feeling that they are world class musicians.

The designers of this game built it on the idea that animals are used to represent musical notes and these animals happen to be the keys of the piano. So every time the player hits a piano key, a special note plays and it would seem to the baby as though the animal is singing.

Baby Learning Games - Kids Piano

This game avail kids the opportunity to be musically creative. And should your kids be too young to create their tunes, you can easily help them do so while they play with the finished work. Apart from learning music, it is an exciting way to keep the kids busy when you need some time for yourself.

Download: Android | iOS

Kids Doodle

This is a popular drawing game for babies. It features over 20 brushes which kids can use to practice painting. What perhaps makes this application more interesting than many of its contemporaries is that it has a feature that can be used to record the players drawing. This means your baby’s drawing efforts can be captured and relieved as many times as needed.

In this way alone, it ranks as one of the best baby learning.

Download: Android  | iOS

Ant Smasher

This is an interesting game that is all about smashing ants. This game is better suited for babies that are a little older; 2-3 years for instance. The goal of this game is to smash as many ants as possible without smashing bees. Smashing too many bees results in a failure and the game ends and must start again.

In playing this game, kids not only derive enough entertainment, but also learn how to focus their attention on the goals that will lie ahead of them later in school or any activity they engage in. This is because this game is designed in such a way that the player has to focus solely on smashing ants, not bees. Fortunately, you can download this game on Google Play.

Nursery Rhymes Vol 1-4

Nursery Rhymes is a collection popular nursery school rhymes converted to interesting animations which babies can play for fun. For many parents, this game is the easiest way to teach their kids these popular rhymes while still keeping them entertained.

The game comes in a variety of rhymes so it is important to know which rhyme the game has before getting it. There is both free and paid version of this game available to parents and kids. the free version usually has about 6 rhymes while the paid one can have as much as 42 rhymes.

Nursery Rhymes Baby Learning Game

Balloon Pop

Here comes another fun but simple game for babies. This game is so simple that any baby that can lift a smartphone can easily learn it. Here, some balloons appear on the screen and pop when your baby touches them. If you are looking for something basic to help your baby develop strong cognitive powers, Balloon Pop is a wonderful start.

Learning App for Babies - Balloon Pop

Download: Android | iOS

Farm 123

StoryToys Jr: With this game, learning mathematics becomes fun. It comprises of letters numbering 1 to 10, each associated with a farm animal. The farmer, Mr. Jo has to lead each animal into a pen and wash them. The idea here is that your baby will learn how to count numbers as he/she helps Mr. Jo lead the farm animals into the pen.

Download: Android | iOS

Laugh and Learn Let’s Count Animals

This game is a lot similar to the Farm 123 already discussed above. However, there are some differences. Here, toddlers are made to count animals, which is usually done by tapping the screen of the phone. On counting successfully up to 6, a reward song plays. If the kid makes it to 10, a bigger reward follows. And what reward will be better for kids than a parade of their favorite zoo animals.

Learning Games For Baby

Download: Android | iOS

Mr. Brown Can Moo! can You?

This game helps babies learn how to read. It is designed in the ebook format as only Dr. Seuss can do. Here, you and you kid will go through Mr. Brown’s journey of making animal sounds. The kid’s knowledge of words improves as the focus is placed on certain words in the story, and each picture touched causes a word to zoom out. All these mechanics help your baby learn new words in a fun way.

Learn Counting for Babies

Download Mr. Brownie Ebook


The greatest harm may come from the very best of intentions. It is possible that these games and apps you plan to improve your kid with may just end up creating the reverse effect on them. To this end, you have to take some precautions.

  • Watch out for signs of addiction in your kids as they use these apps. As it is with most digital games, the chance of getting addicted to them is very high especially if you don’t impose a precautionary limit.
  • Since these games are downloaded from the internet, it is also possible that cyber bullies, fraudsters and generally individuals with bad intentions can attempt to perpetrate their evil plans. So teach your kids how to protect your privacy.
  • Prolonged use of devices which emit light is not good for both adults and babies. Teach your kids to take regular breaks from these gadgets or do so yourself if the baby is not old enough to follow this instruction.


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