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New Avenues Provided By UNSW (Part 2)

Following the first blog where I introduced the vast spectrum of avenues that The University of New South Wales (UNSW). Over the years, UNSW has become a centre for excellence in the Asia-Pacific region, with hands-on and a grounded approach to teaching, research, and inculcating a passion for lifelong learning.

This part further elaborates on other valuable avenues like Mentoring and Research, provided by UNSW to broaden students’ horizons and help them view different scenarios from a unique perspective.

Student Mentoring

UNSW is known for its noteworthy student mentoring programs, which, in my experience, not only benefit an experienced person by adding more credibility to their profile, but also a less experienced person, by seeking support and assistance from the former to effectively achieve their goals. It is thus, a mutually beneficial program that UNSW holds in high regard for enhanced growth and developments of its students. Following are the mentoring programs it offers:

  • Career mentoring: A number of schools under UNSW offer several career mentoring programs/initiatives like — Career Advice, Business School Career Mentoring, Arts and Social Sciences Career Mentoring, and PACE mentoring program, to support job—seekers from different walks of life.
  • Cultural mentoring: Through the Cultural Mentoring Program, international students that have just taken admission at UNSW get the opportunity to engage with senior student mentors as well as garner abundant information regarding learning at the university, as well as making a life in Sydney.
  • Peer Mentoring @ UNSW : Peer mentoring is a great way to provide assistance to new students, to make them feel comfortable and transition to ‘life on campus’ seamlessly. Most faculties and schools offer this program, by further helping students to connect with new people, like a support system.

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Research at UNSW

UNSW’s Business School is a global leader for research in business and economics, with a number of core areas of research strength. It has successfully placed research students in important academic, government, and industry positions.

More than 350 academic staff in the UNSW Business School conduct research that is both, rigorous and relevant. I have seen these researchers regularly get awarded competitive grants and they are now closely engaged with government and industry. In addition, there are currently more than 150 research students from all over the world studying at UNSW.

The school undertakes various initiatives to establish research partnerships in Australia and beyond, and develop collaborative learning spaces for students. It places heavy emphasis on key leadership and entrepreneurial skills in order to prepare its students to become future business leaders. We develop specialist knowledge and an intricate understanding of conventional business and its parameters. Not only in Australia, but UNSW’s Business School is focused on creating successful entrepreneurs across Asia too, through its Global Business Practicum (GBP) program.

With these invaluable avenues, along with regular international exchange programs and educational tours, UNSW consistently creates awareness amongst students about the global environment, to make them well—equipped, through significant exposure.