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15 Games Like To Play in 2024

Modern games have too much realism, mind-blowing graphics, and a big narrative. However, there are times when you need something simple to play that does not demand a lot of concentration, such as a dedicated gaming PC or console.

Remember the web games that were popular a decade ago? They used simple mechanics and did not require a powerful PC to play. That is where the top IO games come in. They are simple, entertaining, and playable in any web browser. You can play it on your phone, and your low-end PC from ten years ago can manage it.

games like

If you enjoyed games like, you’ll probably enjoy a selection of similar games in 2024 that provide exciting multiplayer experiences centered on territory capture, strategy, and competitive gameplay. David Tschacher created, a free strategy game that may be played alone, with others, or in a web browser. It works with Android, iOS, and Chrome. You can play it on your phone, and your low-end PC from ten years ago can manage it.

There’s no need to free up space on your hard drive; the greatest io games may be played on anything from low-spec devices to high-end gaming PCs. All of the heavy lifting is done on the website, so you can play these games from anywhere. From puzzle games to battle royale games, the best io games will keep you engaged for at least the next ten minutes and may even consume the rest of your day, competing for your attention with the best PC games – you’ve been warned.

What are IO games?

The title IO games can be confusing because the majority of these games’ website URLs end with the “.io” extension. Simply put, IO games are internet games that can be played in a computer browser. They can support both multiplayer and single-player modes. This genre emerged in 2015, with the release of the first IO game, “”. Since then, several free IO games have been released, each with their own unique twist.

However, certain IO game websites may have different domain extensions, such as “.com” and “.co”. In this game, you can acquire territory and establish your own nation with any name and location. Your aim is to gain enough balance to expand your territory by defeating other countries, travelling to new continents, and connecting uninhabited areas. Here’s an overview of 15 games like “” that you could consider examining.

Age of Conquest IV

Noble Master Games created Age of Conquest IV, a free 2D grand strategy battle game that may be played solo or with others. It is an independent game.
It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and the classic Mac OS. It is the best game ever since you may command your army, expand your empire by defeating adversaries, conquer the entire planet, and do whatever you want.

Take over multiple empires, including the Roman Empire, Asia, Japan, the Incas, China, France, and others.
In addition, you may control your country’s economy, population, festivals, city government, diplomacy, and messaging. Choose how to change the maps and ensure that they are balanced. You will receive ELO ratings, achievements, and high scores.

Age of Colonization: Economic strategy

Oxiwyle created “Age of Colonisation: Economic Strategy”, a real-time strategy (RTS) game. In this game, players assume the role of a monarch during the Age of Discovery, managing colonies, trading routes, and economic development to create a rich empire. Here’s a summary of the game’s main features and gameplay components. Oxiwyle created Age of Colonisation: Economic Strategy, a free strategy game.
Many individuals around the world appreciate this intriguing geopolitical strategy game. You can become the leader of one of Europe’s great powers and prepare to confront the Roman Empire, France, and England, all of which are populated by savage wild tribes.

Develop your army, conduct espionage operations, invade other countries and seize their resources, and defend your own country from invasions.
Signing peace treaties, selling more products to other countries, and acquiring items you need. Choose a religion for your country, organize international meetings and historical events, enact laws, improve production of products, and acquire a lot of great equipment.

World Empire

World Empire is a free strategy war game developed by iGindis Games that can be played alone, with others, or in multiplayer mode. To begin, select your favourite country, flag, and political beliefs.
Attack neighbouring countries and capture their soldiers. If you fail to keep even a tiny amount of captured forces, that country may rebel against you and join another player.

Parliament will select you as the country’s leader. You will have unlimited power and will be able to restore things, establish an empire, increase your military power, maintain things up to date, gather daily items, and much more.
Weapons that can be utilized include anti-aircraft missiles, fighting robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, jets, submarines, and more.

RISK: Global Domination

SMG Studio developed RISK: Global Domination, a free online co-op, single-player, multiplayer, board war, and strategy game.

It is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Mac. Peace, battle, and victory are the themes of this game for 2 to 6 players. It depicts a map of 42 regions and six continents. The primary goal is to use your tactics to conquer all of the other players’ territories. Fight for your region’s honor, win battles, and preserve allies through diplomacy. Play over 60 Maps to go from beginner to Grandmaster of War and Politics. You can use the classic rules to customize your character’s frame, color, dice, and troop.

Europe Empire

Europe Empire for Android is a free multiplayer and turn-based strategy game developed by iGindis Games. Spend your time wisely by using the appropriate strategies and tactics as you lead the country you’ve chosen to become an empire.
In this game, the US president has opted to focus on domestic matters after announcing that US troops will no longer be sent to fight in other nations and that he will begin to remove his army from all over the world.

Work on your empire’s superior military and economic development, from diplomacy to warfare. Weapons, tanks, anti-aircraft missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, fighter jets, submarines, fighting robots, a war room, a spy center, world news distribution, and other items are present.

War: Battle & Conquest

Buldogo Games created War: Battle and Conquest, a free online multiplayer strategy game.
As a General, you must command your army, fight your adversaries, and employ all of your military tactics to conquer the planet. This is a classic board game mix for fans of Risk, Axis, Risiko, and Allies.

Every time you play as a General, you must devise a strategy, prepare an attack, defend your position, and unlock new weapons. Gain four stars to unlock additional abilities such as Atom Bombs, Blitzkrieg, and more. With each victory, you will receive a trophy and a gift. Have fun with your pals by playing interesting challenges and quests. It offers excellent graphics and music effects, as well as the opportunity to customize your army’s appearance.


Yiotro created Antiyoy, a free turn-based strategy game for Android and iOS.
This game will provide you with a cool and amazing collection of civilizations, as well as a variety of hard stages and features.

Before assaulting other cultures, you must build up your civilization to its full potential. You must focus on both the military and the culture in order to maintain a balance that allows you to expand quicker than your salary. In addition to moving each of your troops, you can construct farms to make the most of the area you’ve discovered. Enjoy smooth animations as you play this simple game with your pals.

Asia Empire

Asia Empire, a free turn-based strategy game, was created by iGindis Games. It allows you to choose from over 50 different countries, take leadership of one, devise tactics, and compete against another country. You can establish an empire, employ both military and economic might, and engage in war or diplomacy with other nations.

You may sell weapons to the United States, Russia, China, and the European Union. In multiplayer mode, up to eight players can play on the same device and communicate with one another. Aside from that, you can enjoy stunning environment, excellent graphics, entertaining gameplay, and pleasing sound effects. Tanks, anti-aircraft missiles, fighter jets, fighter robots, aircraft carriers, unmanned aerial vehicles, submarines, and more weaponry are at your disposal.

Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy

Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy, developed by Bytro Labs, is a free real-time strategy game. You can choose any country, take control of it, and keep your army, weaponry, rare resources, and other supplies in good condition. Make excellent trade agreements and go to fight with your competition. Create a country and use it to dominate the globe.

On each map, you can compete against more than 500 other players in real-time multiplayer mode.
Enjoy realistic unit movement and distances, a variety of vehicles from the real world, numerous destructive weapons, multiple maps, historical units, simple and smart control schemes, and much more. Frequently contribute new material and compete with your pals.

Rival Regions

Rival Regions Games has released a free strategy game for mobile devices titled Rival Regions: World Strategy of War and Politics. In this game, as in the real world, you can form a political party, win votes, and gain seats in Parliament. To construct a state on the globe map and develop its economic might by expanding its borders, look for and collaborate with your friends.

Fight your rivals for the rule of law and freedom in your territory. You can obtain uranium, gold, oil, ores, diamonds, and travel to over a hundred countries around the world. You can start your own newspaper, participate in the conflict, use real-world territories for your state, and select its administration.

“” is an addicting multiplayer online game created by the French firm Voodoo. In this game, players take control of a black hole that wanders around a cityscape, eating things and other players as it grows larger., like, is an action-oriented MMO game. Here, you must direct a hole to consume the items on the screen.

You can consume humans, street objects, and even vehicles as the hole expands in size. Beware, since the massive hole has the potential to devour other smaller players. We liked since it does not require a sign-up and includes team against team, monster, and single player modes. If you’re looking for a great battle royale IO game, this is it.

“” is a browser-based multiplayer strategy game created by Sidequest. In “,” players assume the role of a leader controlling a civilization in a competitive struggle for dominion. It’s a fun multiplayer shooter IO game that shares some similarities with Krunker. You begin with a simple weapon and work your way up.

You may choose from seven game modes and twelve maps, which should be enough to keep you interested. We spent hours trying to eliminate the other clan. Overall, an excellent FPS browser game for PC and mobile.

Are you seeking for a survival IO game? could be your next project. Based on survivalist concepts, you must use foraging skills to locate goods and upgrade inventories.

You can begin creating and protecting your territory by fighting other players. It features a lovely colour scheme and is simple to can easily absorb hours as you become immersed in territorial protection, but it is an excellent IO game for passing the time.

Browser games do not have to be two-dimensional, you know. is a 3D FPS game that combines aspects from Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Roblox to create a user-friendly shooter with plenty of depth. Krunker’s mobility concept is based on bunny hops, which let players to gain momentum as they go through levels by sliding and hopping at the right time.

Krunker has a large player base, so you can enter into any game mode without worrying about joining an empty lobby. Along with the standard CoD-style game types, Krunker also offers custom servers with unique modes such as Parkour, Simon Says, and Prop Hunt. is a multiplayer sketching and guessing game, similar to the online version of Pictionary. Each participant has the opportunity to draw for the other players; the artist is given a choice of three words before taking the stage to draw for everyone. The remainder of the group enters their predictions into a chat window, but all they can see are erroneous responses.

This is one of those games that works best without any artists in the group. Finding the answer to your friend’s bad drawings feels fantastic; it’s even better when no one else gets it, making you appear to be a mind reading.