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Sing Me Something App Review – iOS App For Karaoke Entertainment!

If you have been waiting for the iOS app for Karaoke stuff, here is one of the most entertaining app that will fulfill your all expectations about your music completely – Sing Me Something-Free!

This is basically a music challenging app, where you can test your opponents music knowledge turn by turn. The app is really amazing at what is promises, as you can send your opponent a recording of sample tune with your voice and wait for him/her to guess the song!

Sing Me Something can be played with friends who owns Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and have the similar free app installed. The  game can also be played with random people online, and you can get even more geeky with your Karaoke music.

This app lets you meet friends via username, Facebook profile of email address which is really great to check out if your friends are already using this music app.

As I said the game is turn based, only one player is playing at a time, You send your tune, wait for opponent to guess back and then he can send you the tune to guess. And this way the game can continue for as long as you want and is very entertaining. You can check back with your scores anytime to compete with your friends knowledge in the same.

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The app helps you get the lyrics, so you can sing the song perfectly, also the in built song sample lets you play the game instantly. Additionally you can buy the samples from iTunes music library for additional fun. Push notifications will keep you updated with alerts from the app, which help you stay updated about your pending guesses and additional requests.

Sing Me Something iOS app lets you buy additional points as Bombs to eliminate invalid letters, hints for guessing songs & golden passes to guess completely by the app. Which are great utilizes if you want to dominate  your opponent for the long time!

The UI of the app is blended with fresh orange and blue colors and is very easy to understand even if you are using the ap for the first time.

Overall, the app is truly made for music & karaoke fans who love playing games based on their knowledge. But even if you are not that much of a music guesser, you will still get involved in to the gameplay very quickly. That is why I will recommend this app to all age groups and iOS users with 5 stars!

Cost: Free

Ratings – 5/5

Download Sing Me Something-Free