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Disasteroids iPhone Game Review: Classic Arcade Fun Now On iOS!

If you are a fan of classic arcade games like me, you will definitely like this one which lets your take the leap into space and destroy the asteroids. The game is called – Disasteroids!


Disasteroids iOS App Review

You basically have to make way for your ship through space, where you are massively surrounded by asteroids. Player has to hold the device flat in hands and have to tilt it, to avoid the asteroids and move forward. You can also tap on nearby asteroids to destroy them, and game gets tougher on increasing levels.

Disasteroids let you compete with friends and other players with the help of leaderbaords and you can additionally share your score on Twitter & Facebook.


What makes this game special is, all the glory of retro gaming interface is maintained which looks classy. The user interface is easy to understand for any age of kids, and is responsive on both iPhone & iPad.


As the game is Free, it is worth trying for every iOS user out there. You can get rid of the ads in free version with a small in-app purchase of $0.99, which is great option to have!

Overall, the game has excellent entertainment value as it bring back the experience of classic gaming style to your iPhone & iPad. Not just for kids, but this game will also engage users of all ages for hours and have high replay value.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

Download Disasteroids Game!