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Airtel Offering Net PCs – Introducing The Cloud Computing Trends To India

The giant of GSM which have recently introduced its Digital TV to consumers are now offering Airtel Net PC to their broadband consumers with NO Data Loss Guarantee.

I was amazed to see the price tag which was just Rs. 7999/-  per Net PC , including  15″ LCD monitor , keyboard and mouse. Where is the storage? – Well it is on Airtel’s Net PC’s Servers which gives you storage from 10 GB with all required essential software with license and free upgrades.

They are assuring you the ‘No Data Loss’ thing which is a major factor these days for security and this is also only at the price of  Rs. 7999 /-

Airtel have started offering services in Dehli, Noida and Gurgaon and soon they will penetrate the other state markets too.

Home , Professional and business are the three packs they are offering for consumers with the speed of 256 Kbps with data  transfer of 3 GB. It also have online  desktop services offering 10 GB of data transfer.

This broadband Net PC’s are having maximum security to consumers reducing the cost on storage and security and increase their production, this is the aim behind Airtel’s Net PC services according to news channels.

This will give us on demand software and services trying to reduce cost in licensing and upgrading which is quite difficult due to piracy in India.

Airtel net PC is a first step to cloud computing in India which can be revolutionary for market and consumers as ell. This will drag many giants like TATA, Reliance , Idea to the same theme of cloud computing and I hope we get much better services with limiting costs by this competition.

Isn’t it? , Time will tell . . .

2 Responses

  1. Surely I am writing new posts on this topic. Currently testing their services and plans for next more useful post.

  2. Broadband internet these days are getting much faster and cheaper too. -*: