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Spyware Review: Improved Fleet and Workforce Monitoring

As a business owner, for me, trust is the most important factor. I own a fleet business. When I hire people to work as part of my mobile workforce, I tell them that I expect complete transparency and accountability. I want to know that my team is working and constantly on the go, and not sitting in hiding somewhere while I lose customers. I needed to know that they are not lying to me about their whereabouts, while I pay for networks and fuel expenses. Everything went well until I hired a particular employee who was completely a shocker and the worst experience I ever had. After that, I decided to take stricter measures and for that, I needed an ideal android or iOS spyware. In a forum, someone recommended Xnspy.

xnspyWhat went wrong?

As they say, we learn from mistakes, and my greatest mistake was not dedicating enough time to do some background checks on potential candidates before hiring. This particular person seemed normal in every way, just a bit too keen to chat and impress. I didn’t think this would be a problem. In the beginning, things were normal. I would call him up to tell him to pick a customer and tell him the location and he complied. However, a couple of weeks later, on several occasions, whenever I called him up to send him to the nearest customer he would say he is on the way, but would never pick them up, or would be too late and lose the customer.

After two weeks of observing the same annoying pattern, I started getting calls from disgruntled customers complaining about the driver. He was flirting, often rude, and even abusive. The worst of it was when one customer complained that he was stalking and constantly waiting outside the house. I had to take serious measures before his conduct caused my business a bad name.

As usual, poorly behaved customers never admit their fault, so the confrontation was ugly. I had no proof of his refusing to comply with my orders, neither did I have any way of knowing his whereabouts, so I fired him and learned from my mistake. Trusting workers are essential, but keeping an eye on them is also necessary.

image-3My Workers Were Diverting Customers

Shocking as it was for me, after installing the monitoring app, I realized that other fleet drivers were often striking personal agreements with the customers. They were picking and dropping them without my authorizing it, spending fuel, using the internet in leisure hours for personal use like watching videos, games, and online shopping, and never giving me a true report. I had to lay off quite many of my drivers and hire new people. This time, I started issuing company-owned cell phones (Android and iOS smartphones), with the app installed on them.


How the Android and iOS spyware Works

Xnspy is a web-based tracking app, designed exclusively for people like me who need tracking people and monitor their activity via the cell phone for accountability. This allows flexibility for me and I can use my cell phone or PC to log into the control panel and monitor the target’s device. The whole idea of issuing a company cell phone to all drivers was that for drivers who used Android and jailbroken iOS device, I have to install the app manually. For not jailbroken iOS devices, all I needed was the target’s iCloud credentials. There are many ways to acquire iCloud credentials, you can subscribe to specific services or use a key logger.


Monitoring Becomes Easier

From the control panel, I can see everything my employees do via their cell phone. This included seeing all their incoming and outgoing emails, text messages, and chats via messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, Line, Facebook messenger, and iMessage. I can also see all the call logs via these apps and over the network and even monitor their network usage via browser activity. For those workers addicted to gaming and installing apps on the phone, I can block the apps remotely to make my point about discipline at during work hours.

Most importantly, I can track their current location and see the history of locations they were at during the day for better accountability. I can know when my workers are lying. It also allows me to watch list places so that I can know whenever my workers enter and leave specified areas.

Now I feel at ease and I can monitor my employees at the least cost and from my office, remotely. Whenever I find a worker active suspicious and lying to me about his or her whereabouts, I lay them off without any problems. The android and iOS spyware also allows me to make screenshots of activities I observe, which serve as a backup when I have to confront workers about misconduct and disobedience. My business is growing steadily and things seem a lot better concerning employee management.



2 Responses

  1. I think this is not count as spying if you tell your employees beforehand. But only for the corporate phones, their own phones must stay off limits.

    1. Yup, this counts as kind of authorized spying. The spying without disclosure is not allowed as per most app marketplaces. Markrtplaces bans developers for building unauthorized spying apps.