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Barracuda 2TB Desktop Eco Friendly HDD Review

Seagate Barracuda in now an Eco Friendly Hard Disk Drive. They can be used with your Eco Friendly computers and also with any of your desktops. All most all the components used in the drive are made up of recycled materials and have a very low power consumption, as the name suggests Eco Friendly. It have a 4K sector and a very good 5900 RPM, fastest RPM drives available in the Eco Friendly drives. It can be used on multiple interface ranging form Sata, FireWire, eSata and USB. Also the major features of the drive are that they have a boosting 64 MB buffer and a mind blowing 6 GB/s transfer speed. The world is now running behind the Eco-Friendly technology and so is Seagate with their Drives.

Technical Specification :

Capacity : 2 TB

Interface : Sata

Data Transfer Rate : 6GB/s

Dimension : Height: 26.1mm

Depth: 146.99mm

Width: 101.6mm

Weight: 622 g

Type : Internal Desktop Storage

Buffer : 64 MB

OS : Windows/Mac/Linux

RPM : 5900 RPM

Pros :

First of all it is a Eco Friendly drive and have a high data transfer rate of almost 6 GB/s, plus a good buffer of 64 MB and compatibility between the interface to  used

Cons :

Not at all Cheap. Have an RPM of 59oo only, which may affect some performance of the HDD. Not portable and it locks up the user to some conditions for using 2 TB of storage.

Best Buy for Eco Friendly series, but do have some in-depth look at every point of performance before buying the product. Also the product is out of stock according to the Official News of Seagate.

Price :

$ 180 and can be around  Rs 8000 in India