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NVIDIA Black GTX 460 Graphics Card Launched – Review & Price

All new black GTX 460 is the overcome of the GTX 465. The GTX 465 was first generation Fermi GF100 by the Nividia’s. But this GTX 465 did not worked as per expectations.

The newly established Black GTX 460 which is GF 104 based will work efficiently than the GF 100 GTV 465. The black GTX 460 is launched by the Elitegroup Computer System (ECS). The ECS are very good in manufactures of motherboard, graphics card family, barebone system in the world.

The best thing of Black GTX 460 is that it improved the capabilities in overclocking and fulfilled the requirement of critical gamers. With the improved hardware and newly designed firmware in GTX 460, it made easy for the gamers. Due to increase in the performance of 460, it brings about 20% of the overclocking capability and boosts the gaming power.

NVIDIA GTX 460 Graphics Card Image

The solution to the excess overclocking is also avoided by the Black GTX 460. The solution is that the GTX comes with an efficient cooling. This efficient cooling is controlled by the Arctic Cooling engineering solution with dual ultra quiet fans blowing into heat sink with 4 heatpipes.

The high-resolution screen displays is supported by outputs of Dual Dual-link DVI-I and one mini HDMI. This high resolution is by the digital signal. The gamer experiences a 3D stereo gaming in the GTX 460. This is due to the Nividia’s 3D Vision Surround Technology.

The Black GTX 460 is having a 336 powerful CUDA cores to handle task of GPGPU. This card is made up of 1024 MB GDDR5 with 256-bit data bus.  The GTX 460 also supports the OpenGL 4.0 and DirectX 11 which for realistic feeling while playing the games.

The Black GTX 460 comes with a warranty of 3 years and will be priced at  Rs. 15900/-



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  1. i am also not a fan of overclocking personal computers, if done incorrectly, it could permanently damage your system””~

  2. i did some overclocking on my PC but it became very unstable after a few hours of use :