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Zendrop vs CJdropshipping – A Comprehensive Comparison [2024]

Choosing the right dropshipping platform? Discover the differences between Zendrop vs CJdropshipping to make an informed decision for your business.


Zendrop is a dropshipping platform developed to address several issues retailers have while dropshipping from China. Through this market, business owners may quickly locate inexpensive goods to add to their online stores and sell at a profit.

Zendrop collaborates directly with Chinese suppliers and producers to offer premium goods at competitive pricing. The whole order is handled by Zendrop, including product procurement, inventory control, and packing. Additionally, they deliver goods straight to clients.

Zendrop vs CJdropshipping

AliExpress may sell your goods to several intermediaries who will split the proceeds with you. The practice of dropshipping from AliExpress is widespread. Once you generate sales, they may decide to cease stocking certain items. Additionally, they have the power to alter a product’s quality covertly. Occasionally, customer service is subpar.

To guarantee that you only receive the best vendors, Zendrop screens every source. In essence, Zendrop is an additional intermediary that you must pay. This intermediary, though, can end up saving you money. Finding poor suppliers with the aid of AliExpress can save you thousands of dollars. This article will compare two dropshipping tools, Zendrop vs. CJDropshipping.

Before you go ahead with the comparison, you should also read our in-depth Zendrop Review.

Zendrop vs. CJdropshipping Comparison

Zendrop Shipping Period

Where does Zendrop deliver?

Even though China is where the majority of Zendrop’s items are sent from, express delivery is still available for Chinese-made goods. For US-based vendors, Zendrop provides expedited shipment.

Shipping Charges for Zendrop

The most cost-effective delivery method is called “economy shipping,” however I advise against using it. For the USA and other nations, there are flat fees of $1.50 and $3, respectively. The delivery times could be longer. Due to the packaging’s Chinese address, I would steer clear of budget shipping. This is a bad choice from a customer’s point of view. Be cautious to verify before placing an order since this delivery option might not be available in all nations.

The following choice is standard shipping. It’s an excellent choice and only a little more expensive. There are flat fees of $2 for the USA and $3.50 for other nations. Shipping takes far less time than budget shipping. With the help of Zendrop’s shipping providers, shipping labels are created in China. The nation of your customer will serve as the return address. Your consumers will feel more at ease and dependable if you choose this choice.

The final selection is express shipment. Express shipping is $6 for items weighing less 450g and $9 for those weighing more than 450g. Customers can choose to pay an additional fee for express shipment, notwithstanding the large price increase. You may make a little money by sending packages quickly.

Zendrop: Is it a scam?

This is a typical query that many people ask. I know Zendrop is legitimate since I went through it and tested it out on my dropshipping shop. While there are still certain areas that may be improved, I think dropshipping from AliExpress has addressed a lot of issues.

Zendrop was developed by drop shippers to address an issue that many of them have when dropshipping. This was necessary since a dependable, automated, and long-lasting fulfillment system was required. If you have doubts about Zendrop’s legitimacy, start with the free trial.

Prices for Zendrop products

The costs of Zendrop’s products are often a little bit more than those found on AliExpress. Without using middlemen, Zendrop obtains its items straight from the supplier or manufacturer. It is common for a manufacturer and supplier to acquire goods from the same provider, while a different supplier may do the same. Before you spend more money on a product, each of them is taking a little piece of the pie.

The cost might occasionally be greater than on AliExpress. This is the case for two reasons. Even if it costs more, Zendrop will find products of the finest quality. The second factor is due to price misrepresentation strategies utilized by Chinese suppliers.

Who should use Zendrop?

Zendrop makes dropshipping from AliExpress simple for novices. Beginners may find it challenging and simple to make errors or fall prey to the dubious sales practices of numerous AliExpress vendors. Zendrop makes the entire procedure simpler.

Even for vendors with little volume, Zendrop is useful. When trying to expand your business, Zendrop shields drop shippers from being taken advantage of by suppliers. If you generate 30 sales for one item each day, Zendrop can help you prevent this.

High-volume dropshippers use a China dropshipping agent to fulfill certain responsibilities, like:

  • Establishing the most economical and effective delivery methods.
  • Find trustworthy and respectable vendors.
  • It is challenging to interact with suppliers due to the language barrier.
  • negotiating the most advantageous price for your product
  • helping you and your supplier plan your packaging and branding.
  • You can settle disagreements you might have with your provider.
  • Zendrop takes care of all of these duties, thus a dropshipping agency is not necessary. Finding a reputable drop shipping agent might be challenging.

Features of Zendrop

Greeting Cards

You may make your thank-you cards to send to clients. Add your name, title, message, and address to make them uniquely yours. Download a sample to see how the card will seem before you send it out.

You may add promo coupons and discount codes to entice clients to purchase more. You can make money from Shopify stores by using this option. Your brand may be strengthened and repeat business can be generated using this effective instrument.

Automatic Fulfillment

For Zendrop, this is a key selling feature. Order fulfillment used to be laborious and time-consuming, particularly if you were selling in big numbers. The cost of employing a virtual assistant to complete orders for drop shippers used to be hundreds of dollars each week. You may now automate the entire procedure if you like. To have Zendrop fill your purchase, click the option marked “Auto-fill Orders.”


Your shipment’s tracking is carried out automatically. Once completed, Zendrop will instantly update with the tracking data obtained from the Chinese source. Your consumer will receive their tracking number through Shopify’s API.

Procuring Products

No platform that provides product sourcing has yet to be discovered by me. It has a really distinctive quality. Zendrop may import the product data from AliExpress to do the sourcing and automation.

You may sell the goods right now with Zendrop’s assistance. You may buy practically any item that is offered on AliExpress using Zendrop.

Private labeling and customized packaging

Branding is important for marketing things, especially in China where goods are frequently of low quality. Custom packaging and private labeling are available, but only with a minimum order quantity. Once you have given information to Zendrop, Zendrop can request a quote from you.

Pricing for Zendrop

You may try Zendrop’s free trial to understand the interface. The Pro subscription, which costs $499 annually or $49 monthly, is the best option if you truly want to use the platform.

The free plan lacks a few essential functions, despite having several wonderful ones that I didn’t anticipate. On the free plan, you may only place 50 orders per month—less than two per day. If you are serious about expanding and scaling your company, you must improve your Shopify shop.

Express delivery, thank you notes, auto fulfillment, and a selection of US items are all included in the Pro plan. There is also Zendrop Academy accessible. If the Pro plan is not for you, you may cancel it for free for 7 days.

CJ Ships Globally

If you wish to export worldwide, CJ has warehouses spread over 30 different nations. Compared to other platforms, shipping prices and timeframes are substantially lower.

The biggest benefit of dropshipping is that you can identify market gaps that most dropshippers haven’t thought about. Target markets for dropshipping include English-speaking nations including the US, UK, and Canada.

You get the chance to test items on marketplaces that haven’t yet been exposed thanks to access to warehouses in nations that dropshippers don’t target.

Dropshippers haven’t focused on many nations, which is advantageous because it makes advertising to them more affordable. One of CJ’s finest qualities, and one that will someday be exploited.

CJ Shipping Times for Dropshipping

Because of CJ Dropshipping’s quick shipment, dropshippers are switching from AliExpress. AliExpress delivery timings have a tendency to be slow, costly, and inconsistent. For this reason, the majority of dropshippers are switching to CJ Dropshipping.

  • Using CJ transit procedures, CJ sends the majority of its products from China to all nations in 7–17 days. CJ has storage facilities in 30 other nations. Depending on your nation, shipping domestically from one of these facilities might take three to seven business days.
  • Although a consumer may not like it, the wait time of up to 17 days is acceptable. The faster delivery choices on AliExpress might take up to 60 business days.
  • The finest shipping choices are ePacket and AliExpress Standard Shipping. In terms of shipping time, these solutions are comparable to CJPacket, however they could be a little more expensive.
  • Due to the fact that CJ’s shipping lines maintained a reasonable level of consistency in terms of cost and delivery times during the epidemic, their popularity has recently increased significantly.

CJ Auto Fulfillment Dropshipping

Order fulfillment is free for you with CJ. If you’re expanding your firm and attempting to fulfill every order, it will take up the majority of your time. Most firms will need virtual assistants to complete orders. You can save time and money by working with CJ.

How can order fulfillment be automated?

  • 1. For your Shopify store, use the CJ Dropshipping App.
  • 2. CJ will sync your Shopify orders automatically.
  • 3. At the conclusion of each working day, you may simply choose all of the orders for the day, put them in your cart, and then proceed to checkout.
  • 4. After processing your order, CJ will mail the items to you.

CJ Dropshipping provides Bulk Orders.

When compared to its rivals, CJ Dropshipping has one of the biggest benefits. As your company expands, it’s best to stay away from Zendrop and other rivals. Place large Alibaba orders instead. If your store’s volume is increasing, CJ could be worth investigating.

If you buy in bulk from China, CJ will ship your purchase for free to any of their warehouses anywhere in the world. Up to 3 weeks may pass after the bulk order is placed before it reaches their warehouses.

You’ll be able to increase your product margins thanks to CJ. This will result in lower delivery costs and better unit rates for larger orders. Because they will be transported straight from your nearby warehouse, your consumers will be able to get their items much faster.

If you can provide quicker shipping and affordable prices for your items, your rivals will face much greater competition. A large number of them will send items from China.

CJ Branding Dropshipping

Custom packaging from CJ can help you promote your store’s brand. This covers a variety of packaging choices and potential marketing collateral for the product.

Branding is important in the dropshipping industry. Your brand will make you stand out from the competition.

Over the past several years, dropshipping has grown in popularity. You must be able to distinguish yourself from your rivals if you want to be successful. Branding is that benefit!

Successful dropshippers have started branding their shops. Dropshipping has a bad reputation that is growing. The answer lies in branding.

You may advertise your shop using CJ’s range of packing options.

  • A plastic bag
  • Cartons
  • PVC containers
  • Fabric bags
  • Paper bags, Stickers, Cards, and Gifts

CJ Dropshipping Products

You may start dropshipping right now because CJ’s marketplace presently features over 400,000 items. Every day, CJ is increasing this number with new offerings.

Regarding the range of products, CJ isn’t far behind AliExpress. The fact that CJ handpicks each product before allowing it on their site is an advantage. The search for desirable high-quality goods is much facilitated as a result.

Whatever the product that is in demand, AliExpress has it. If there is no demand, CJ is wasting his time by bringing things to the market. Finding high-quality items to drop-ship increases as a result of this.

Additionally, CJ provides a POD service that enables you to design your own logo and have it put to your items. Depending on the object, this is accomplished utilizing laser engraving or color printing.

Even if your business just offers single things, you may still use this service. Most businesses only provide it if you submit substantial orders.

Returns and Refunds for CJ Dropshipping

In comparison to AliExpress, CJ offers the benefit of managing returns and refunds significantly more easily.

  • Low customer service and high return rates are two drawbacks of dropshipping. If things need to be returned, dropshippers can lose money.
  • CJ has a returns policy that is applicable in the following circumstances:
  • Order delays – The length of time it takes for a consumer to get a refund depends on the country to which the goods is being sent.
  • Refunds for unfulfilled purchases are not available from CJ. They won’t grant a refund if the tracking number shows that it has been delivered.
  • They give a complete refund if the item is delivered broken or flawed.

Support Experience for CJ Dropshipping

Each employee has an agent assigned by CJ. The agent will guide you through the procedure as a novice and address any queries you may have.

Remember that your agent will be working on CJ with several others. You won’t get much attention from your agency at first because you’re still a beginner and haven’t made many sales. As you generate sales, your agent will become more beneficial.

CJ provides two different help options: chat and tickets. While ticket help is only available during Beijing business hours, chat is accessible around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)- Zendrop vs Cjdropshipping

Q.1 What precisely is CJ Dropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping was developed as a platform for dropshipping. Dropshippers may add a variety of items from this to their online stores. Product sourcing, stocking, inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping are all handled by CJ.
CJ is a team of representatives with close ties to suppliers and manufacturers. The items that CJ’s staff feels are appropriate for their platform are chosen. AliExpress is completely different from this.

Q.2 What exactly is CJ dropshipping?

Many eCommerce systems, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay, can connect with CJ Dropshipping. Once the sync is finished, you can easily add CJ goods to any of your stores. When making orders in your shop, you have two options: you can either set up automated fulfillment or do it manually.

Q.3 CJ Dropshipping: Is It Valid?

I’ve used CJ a lot, and it’s a reliable business. Compared to AliExpress, which I thought had more Wild West dropshipping, it was a lot more dependable.
Despite its shortcomings, CJ Dropshipping provides excellent possibilities for dropshippers. They can acquire goods swiftly, ship rapidly, and offer top-notch customer support. Over the years, they have earned a lot of favorable evaluations, which is evidence that they are reliable.

Q.4 Is CJ’s dropshipping service free?

The service provided by CJ Dropshipping is totally free, and there are no setup or monthly costs. The only expenses incurred by customers are those related to the products themselves, membership upgrades, bespoke packaging, and warehouse service fees for goods that CJ warehouses do not stock.
These charges pay for shipping, processing, and storage costs. They only apply to goods that CJ does not currently have in stock in its warehouses. These costs can change based on the product’s weight, the shipping method chosen, and the length of time it has been kept in the warehouse.

Q.5 Why is CJ dropshipping completely free?

To turn a profit, CJ applies a little markup to every item. Due to their direct relationships with manufacturers, CJ is able to keep their product pricing low. By doing this, the need to pass through intermediaries who individually markup the price of the goods is removed.

Final Thoughts on Zendrop vs CJDropshipping

In conclusion, if you’re passionate about starting or growing your dropshipping business, both tools are fantastic. If you want additional integrations, CJDropshipping is the best option because it works with several platforms. Since there are no installation fees with CJDropshipping, beginners may get started there.