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FINVASIA Launches SMART – an Intelligent Direct Mutual Funds Investment Platform

Finvasia today announced the launch of its Mutual Fund Analysis and Trading platform – SMART (Simplified Mutual Fund Analysis Research & Trading). It enables users to invest and trade on exchange traded mutual funds and SIPs. Clients will be able to invest in Direct Mutual Funds at zero commission from the platform, as part of FINVASIA’s commission free financial ecosystem.

SMART is an intelligent mutual funds analyser that offers tailored, goal-based direct mutual fund investment advice. It recommends a variety of investment plans focussing on tax returns, long term saving, short term savings and more, based on the parameters a client selects. The platform offers access to more than 200 direct mutual funds where investors can invest without any paperwork.

Sarvjeet Virk, Managing Director, Finvasia said, “As investor interest in Mutual Funds continues to grow, it was a natural next step for us to extend our capabilities to direct mutual funds allowing clients to explore investment opportunities and build a risk-adjusted investment portfolio. The platform offers a range of intelligent investment tools designed to help clients save and reach their financial goals.”

In addition to SMART, clients will also have the ability to invest in Direct Mutual Funds from Shoonya – Finvasia’s new trading platform. Shoonya aims to transform the way retail investors look at stock markets using technology and simple analytical tools, charts and more

Key features of SMART platform are:

  1. Invest in Direct Mutual Funds & SIP: Search, analyse different fundamental and technical parameters before investing in over 200 direct funds, within few minutes.
  2. Review and compare: Over 20 different parameters to review and compare such as AUM, Returns, NAV, Risk, Expense Ratio, Price Charts, Asset Allocation, Equity Sector Allocation and many more.
  3. Portfolio Simulation: Client can check their existing investments by creating a simulation portfolio. With historical data up to 10 years, one can compare and analyse the funds
  4. Tax saving guidance: Investor can have multiple options along with in depth understanding of the various types of funds before investing to gain all taxing saving ELSS and other funds
  5. Charting tools: Client can use various analytical tools to compare various funds to make a wise decision.
  6. Dedicated back office: Review confirmed and pending orders along with mandate list from back office.
  7. Online Redemption: Client can sell their funds using company’s online portal.
  8. Cancel SIP: Client can close their existing SIP online

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