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CIAB Picks ExdionPOD as a Top Insurtech Solution for Helping Brokers Automate Policy Checking and Issuance

ExdionPOD has been recognized by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers (CIAB) as one of the top 16 Insurtech solutions to watch in the category of platform and tools that automate the application, renewal and documentation process for brokers and their clients.
ExdionPOD is an AI powered comprehensive platform designed to enhance the insurers’ overall efficiency when it comes to policy issuance. It makes use of Cognitive Computing to read over 2000 policy applications and proposal formats quickly. This fuels the automation of high volume, mundane underwriting and brokering processes. So, ExdionPOD enables the insurers to focus more on optimizing the customer experience and driving their businesses to generate higher returns on investments.
ExdionPOD is the answer to insurers’ primary concerns of scale and complexity when it comes to automating their policy checking and renewal processes. More often than not, the insurers struggle to meet the requirements of operations and marketing teams when conducting the processes manually. These challenges have for long forced many insurers to stay dependant on out-dated processes and spend more on outsourcing work to other firms. This intelligent platform saves the insurance firms from unnecessary expenses and E&O risks that arise as a result of breakdown in processes.
L.S. Ram, CEO of Exdion Solutions said, “We are thrilled that ExdionPOD is recognized by CIAB as one of the top insurtech solutions. With ExdionPOD our clients have realized significant revenue protection and smartly mitigated E&O risks. As trusted partners committed to driving transformation that would benefit the insurers, we realized the requirement of cutting-edge innovative products and solutions for both revenue protection as well as generation. We have recently introduced innovative AI based products such as ExdionQCOMP, ExdionRNU, and ExdionQREV that will make Insurers stay profitable and competitive. We thank our customers for their continued trust and support.”
For more information on ExdionPOD and to start using the product, please get in touch with [email protected]