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AIM Publishes List of Top Data Science Postgraduate Programmes in India for 2021

Business Wire IndiaAnalytics India Magazine (AIM) recently launched its annual report “Top Postgraduate Data Science Programmes in India for 2021.”

The report enlists the top Data Science courses at the Master’s level offered by public and private institutes in India. The ranking outcomes are a result of extensive research and discussions done over two months with the participating institutes.

AIM has been publishing these rankings for eight years. For this year, AIM has released just one ranking for all post-graduate level programmes, irrespective of their mode of delivery. Previously, there were different lists for part-time and full-time programmes.

AIM surveyed multiple institutes to evaluate these programmes across five parameters: Certification Value, Return On Investment, Programme Success, Teaching & Curriculum, and Student Engagement. These parameters, or sub-indices, were scored using uniform evaluation criteria and normalised between 0 to 1. The average of these normalised scores made the overall index, based on which the rankings were published.

More than 60 programmes participated in the ranking, out of which 44 made it through. Other programmes in India not mentioned in the report either did not participate or could not be scored using the evaluation criteria.

“There is a talent gap in the analytics industry which will quickly fill thanks to the emergence of public and private institutes offering Data Science programmes. There is raised awareness of the professional value of being certified in a growing field like analytics,” said Bhasker Gupta, Founder & CEO of Analytics India Magazine.

“Analytics, however, is a broad sector and picking the right major can be tricky and confusing for many students. This is where the AIM report comes in. Different courses cater to different needs, and the report acts as a guide when deciding which course to go with,” he further added.

The Study:
The study enlists the Top Data Science Postgraduate Programmes in India in a tabular format and consists of the programme and institute name along with their overall and sub-index scores. You can access an interactive version of the table here to see their rankings across different sub-indices.

Along with the scores, the 33-page report highlights the features of the programme that result in the respective scores. It showcases where the institutes are doing well and identifies areas they can improve in.

According to the analysis, the PGP in Data Science with ML and AI by Praxis Business School scores the overall highest index with 0.73. It performs well across all the sub-indices. The course is a full-time Postgraduate Programme that is taught live on-campus and is highly regarded by recruiters.

The PGP in Computational Data Science offered by the International School Of Engineering (INSOFE) comes in second place with an overall index score of 0.72. The programme has shown a great return on investment with a score of 0.94 within the sub-index.

T A Pai Management Institute, or TAPMI’s Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Leadership through Analytics and Decision Sciences, delivered in collaboration with Mu Sigma, is well-known for its Teaching and Curriculum, ranking third in the list with a score of 0.71.

In the fourth position, we have Executive PGP in Data Science offered by upGrad with a score of 0.69. The programme scores well in Programme Success and Return on Investment, ranking 4th and 5th in the respective sub-indices. The PGP in Data Science offered by Simplilearn makes it to the 5th rank this year with a score of 0.68.

Some of the other courses to do well on the overall score are Great Learning’s PGP in Data Science & Business Analytics, Goa Institute of Management’s PGDM in Big Data Analytics, Times TSW’s PGCP in Data Science and ML, RACE’s MBA in Business Analytics, and NMIMS’ MBA in Data Science and Analytics & MS in BAIM.
Access the complete report here.