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7 Effective Ways To Reward Your Virtual Team Members

When you have a virtual team, it could be very beneficial for the whole firm. Some people tend to be ignorant of the virtual team but it is important to be mindful of the best ways by which you can reward them in a befitting way.   Here, we are going to talk about the best ways by which you can reward your virtual team members and make sure that their momentum keeps going and they stay motivated and dedicated at the same time.

Salary Perks And Incentives

By far, the best way to reward your employees; be it virtual or the ones at the physical workspace is by offering them the best salary and incentives. If you feel someone has gone over and above their usual expectations, you should surely consider chipping in with a better package and making sure that their efforts are matched.

Health Benefits

When an employee falls sick, it is not just him who is troubled but it is the company that suffers along with them too. This is why most companies should make it a point to have the best of health benefits for their team members. You could have health insurance or you could also allot a health budget for the virtual team too. Do something which is bound to help them in the long run.

Certificates And Appreciation

You could have glass trophies for the team or different kinds of certificates. The idea merely is to make sure that you can showcase how much you appreciate your team members and the work they have been putting in. Everyone loves to be appreciated for the work they do and sometimes it is these gestures that boost the morale of an individual and can help them in putting an even better foot forward.

Vacations And Holiday Allowance

Vacations are essential for everyone. When you are on a vacation, it allows you to unwind your mind and relax. It is also likely to help you put in even better efforts after you have managed to get the much-needed break. So, when you feel that some of your employees are doing well and are turning out to be a great asset for the firm, we recommend giving them holiday allowance or paid vacations once in a while. These are perks that keep them motivated.

Group Team Outings

Even when you have a virtual team, organizing team outings could be a wonderful way to bond and know each other. Of course, if your team is located at geographically distant locations, this could be difficult. But you could have team video sessions like ‘meet and greet’ as the team bonding is always crucial.

Monthly Winner Board

This is an amazing method used by a lot of companies for the sake of having a healthy competition at the workplace. You could have some sort of scheme wherein every month, an employee could be at the top of the winner board. This would entitle them to some set of special perks. No employee should be able to win the position for two consecutive months. It could be a great way to appreciate them and encourage others to put in the best foot forward as well.

Regular Appraisals

It is an absolute must that even when you have a virtual team, you should host regular appraisal sessions. In these meetings, the work and performance should be carefully analyzed and this, in turn, will help you offer the right bonuses to deserving employees. Everyone expects a raise after they have given their best to the firm and proved their worth.

So, these are the best of methods which you can use for the sake of rewarding your virtual employees and then watch them give an even better performance for your firm. A satisfied employee is sure to be the best asset you can ask for.