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How To Connect Tata Photon+, Netsetter, Netconnect+ In Ubuntu Linux

Wireless Broadband have really became an must have accessory for every internet user to carry the internet wherever you go. Some of the most used wireless broadband USB dongles are – Tata Photon+, Relaince Netconnect + &Idea Netsetter.

All of these comes with the software in build which you can access inside windows computer. But as the the trend of using open source operating system is growing up here is quick tutorial to connect wireless broadband in Ubuntu Linux & Backtrack 5. (You can also use same tutorial for different versions of Linux.)

Netconnect+, Photon+, Mblaze, BSNL 3G in Ubuntu

How To Connect Tata Photon+, Netsetter, Netconnect+ In Linux

Ubuntu based Backtrack Linus as well as Ubuntu does not run .exe files that we get with USB broadband modems. There is utility many times given in built in many distros named – Wvdial

Wvdial is simple utility that lets you connect to wireless broadband step by step. So we have to install this small piece of software in your linux OS.

1. Check into your OS if it already have Wvdial by going to Menu. (If its there just go and configure it with your details)

2. Or else you can Download Wvdial from here

3. Download the am64 package for AMD processor powered netbooks, laptops & PC or else for Intel you can download i386 version.

4. There are some dependencies mentioned above the download section without which Wvdial will not function properly. So you can download them and install before installing Wvdial. (They are of small downloading sizes )

5. Now all you have to do is double click .deb file you just downloaded & install will proceed quickly.

6. In case your Linux version (Backtrack or Ubuntu) do not support direct deb file installation open Terminal

put this line of code for installing package.

dpkg -i  package.deb

Here package.deb should be replaced by filename you downloaded.

7 Last step would be to open Wvdial – input your credintial to login to your broadband ISP & start using the wireless broadband services easily.

Once you do this you don’t have to repeat procedure next time.

All this tutorial is tested on wireless broadband services like – Tata Photon+ , Idea Netsetter, Reliance Netconnect+ MTS Mblaze. We have not tested these with 3G modems like BSNL, Airtel, Tata Docomo& Idea.

You can try testing it on 3G modems too in case you have problem with it. Make sure you let us know results, problems, suggestions & tips below in comments





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