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5 Tips To Use Wireless Broadband/3G Modems To Save Money

We know the fact that though wireless broadband / 3G Modem providers are promoting their services as a next generation internet alternative – they are too expensive to buy and use for regular internet surfers. Here we have some tips for those who already bought an wireless broadband or 3G data services who need to optimize the usage for saving money.

1.  Use It As Add on Internet Service

You must use wireless broadband as alternative or add on service to your wired broadband. If you have this one and only Internet option at your home, office & on the go you are going to seriously loose your money. Because wired broadband plans are 60 to 80% cheaper compared to wireless ones. And you are going to consume lot of bandwidth by streaming music, video & lot of surfing.

So have an broadband at home – for downloading stuff or higher data usage.

Tips To Use Wireless Broadband or 3G Modem2. Best For Casual Emails & Surfing

For those who roams a lot in car and Emails , chatting or Stock exchange updates are at the heart of your daily work you are the most targeted users for the 3G broadband or Wireless broadband services. This kind of work stuff consumes lowest data even If you use it 10 hours a day.

3. Try Not to Use it on Lot of Devices By Tethering

You can tether your wireless broadband from your laptop to your other devices such as iPod, smart phones & tablets bys using free software like Connectify. We suggest you do not use such tethering as this can occur 30 to 50% extra data usage.

But if you have an unlimited plans on wireless modem then it is must do thing with your wireless internet services. Refer the guide to How to use Connectify to make netbook Wi-Fi Hotspot if you don’t know how to use connectify.

4. Choosing The Better Data Plan

Pay as you go data plan are for those who either have lot of money to spoil or who use internet for hardly 30 to 60 minutes a day. It really sucks when you are paying per minute or per MB data usage if you are casual user. So choose data plans for at least 1 or 2 GB/month and then you can get top ups for extra usage.

Most of wireless broadband and 3G providers do not give you unlimited plans as they wanted to earn the most of it – but if you are lucky and your service provider is giving you an unlimited usage offer for wireless broadband – Go & buy it right now !

5. Bookmark Stuff for Optimized Usage

If you wish to use wireless broadband for long life then become a patient internet user. You can use your devices like iPhone, Android, Netbooks for syncing bookmarks for high data using web pages. You can use tools like Evernote, Firefox & Dolphin HD browsers who let you sync your history, bookmarks & usage on all of the devices.

You can make most out of bookmarking as you can keep record of good downloading stuff, videos, music or games and use it when you get back to home or office Wi Fi connection.