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Low Cost Wireless Broadband From Tata With Unlimited Download

So finally the wireless broadband has come to an affordable stage where anyone can easily buy and use.

Tata Indicom after introducing some interesting plans in there CDMA and GSM technology is now heading to the wireless internet for laptops and desktop PC’s.

This wireless internet cards are available at from Rs. 5000 to 3000.

Also they are offering USB modems which are available at Rs. 2500.

Though the initial cost is quite high compared to normal broadband modems the biggest advantage is its wireless and we can use and take it where ever we go.

They are offering various plans from Rs. 400 with a very good speed (115Kbps- 256 Kbps) with different downloading options to choose.

Two of their best plans includes following:

1. Night Unlimited for Rs.500 : Where we can download unlimited in the night time
2. Unlimited Download Rs. 899: Unlimited download and upload with this plan.

So this is what we have in our bag this time, Tata’s low cost wireless plans for you.

Hope we get speedier and less costing plans in the features, and we are always with you to track the latest and the best of technology.