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Panasonic Lumix DMC GX1 Camera Features And Overview

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Panasonic Lumix DMC GX1 can be called as the company’s latest camera device in the bouquet of G series lineup. Though you will find 1 as the appendage in the model name, even by having a single glance over this product you can realize how much care does the company has brought forward to carve this model. The addition of GX1 has much to offer to the demanding camera enthusiasts of the world. Let’s explore the product going through its various features and angles of the product.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1The Design

At one glance you may call this model somewhere of the GF2 design since it comes with the same boxy design, though this time it has sculpted grip for your right hand fingers. Moving ahead, you will find a hotshoe and accessory port on this model which gives you an option of new attachment of LVF2. You will find a 3 inch Touchscreen at the rear end which is pretty responsive. The screen carries a number of buttons giving you direct settings controls along with the feature of Fn controls. When you hold it, you get an incredible experience under your fingertips, thus getting a great kind of feel in your hand. The overall measurements come around 116.3 by 67.8 by 39.4 mm (without lenses and attachments) with weight as 318 g without lens.

The controls

The controls is considered to be pretty comprehensive in nature as you can see the return of physical mode dial, which gives you a normal run during various shooting modes. However, the mode of Panasonic iA requires a separate toggle using its own buttons. This therefore helps you to set up your own dichotomous arrangement where you can easily flip from the full auto to any mode of your choice by simply pressing the button. Also, you have low key which helps you to have a toy effect making even the boring things interesting. With this model you have some quick menus in the form of on screen menus. The touch screen controls have number of interesting features thus giving you number of opportunities to make your dull picture cool.

The picture quality

This model gives you a feature called neat level which can be found on the on-screen which gives you cool effects not only horizontal but vertical level too. Hence what picture you get through these cameras happens to be perfect which hardly require anything to be done over your computer system. The presence of external EVF prevents you using the external flash for good effects. The picture you get is bright and detailed giving you 100 percent field of view. Also you have other benefits of having the EVF (external view finder) wherein you can see the preview in the viewfinder itself and thus can try all the changes as desired by you.

With Panasonic Lumix GX1 in place, you can find this model bridging the gaps which exited with the previous models of the G3, GH3 and LumixGF3. Lumix GX1 comes with a number of controls and features to help you become a better and creative photographer. So at the time of its launch somewhere this Christmas, it is likely to be launched with a big bang by its creators.

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