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Samsung DV300F DualView Digital Camera comes With Built-in Wi-Fi

Samsung DV300F is a dual view camera which already cater cool and convenient front facing LCD display for capturing easy self portraits. In this, the users will also see the magic of WiFi being poured into the Camera.

This dual view Camera will now come with WiFi support which will enable users to easily upload the snaps to the photo gallery, facebook, youtube and Flicker. Moreover users will also be able to easily transfer the photos wirelessly to the home PC or to the Cloud storage.

Additional to this, Samsung DV 300 F also offers high capabilities like 16 MP resolutions, 5 X optical zoom, dual LCD display, on board image manipulation and powerful wide angle lens. On the top of all these capabilities, WiFi support is worth to pay for as this will also narrow down the effort one needs to take to transfer the snaps to the system space, moreover this will also enable the quick and easy photography for many users.

We hope for the best that DV 300 F will mark huge success and will offer the high capabilities like its predecessors had offered in the past.