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4 Interesting Facts About Growth of Online Gaming

Online gaming has a growing interest because of its social nature and needs no particular skillset or practice. Easy to play games are presented in a most simple form as possible that requires no downloads or installation. As these online games are social, players ought to invite their friends and colleagues, and slowly the community starts growing around them. One of the leading online gaming platform Starvegas Casino has shared some of the interesting facts about this growing community.

58% of Social Gamers are over 40 Years Old

Even though smartphone are personal devices and senior people get enough time to explore and learn, so far the highest number of social gamers are over 40. As stated previously, that games like cards, casino and darts are very similar to their physical counterparts and super easy to understand. There is virtually no learning curve to these online social games, resulting in all age groups participating irrespective of their technical knowledge or expertise.

52% of All Gamers are Female

Even though our stereotypical view frames our thinking that gamers are always young males and maybe some old males, completely ignoring the fact that even in 2012, 49% of online gaming audience was females. Here as well, due to their busy schedules, all the casual time’s females get can be spent on straightforward and beautiful games they can relate to some real-world games.

One-Quarter of Revenues will be Generated from China Alone!

Previously any form of gaming had dominance from English speaking countries, which has changed over last decade, and China will soon have over 25% of global revenues being generated from a single country. This combines all of the revenues from different genres of games, but without a doubt, online gaming and casino gaming platforms have a significant share in China market as well.

Global Online Gambling Business Has CAGR of 10% vs. 6% in other gaming businesses.

One of the reports published by the end of last year by Cision, estimates Global online gambling market to grow with 10% annual compound growth rate (CAGR), and this exponentially growing market can shoot as high as $66.59 Billion by the year 2020 if the growth rate continues. This is significantly high considering rest of the gaming industry is growing at 6% CAGR. One factor to note here is, most of the online gaming most definitely need gamers to spend, compared to other game industry has revenue models like free to play or freemium.

So these are some of the most interesting facts about the online gaming industry, that is growing in revenue at a higher pace than other segments like mobile, PC or console-based gaming. All of us have played the simple flash games online, and it’s going stronger than ever even in the era of highly polished AAA and interactive casual games on smartphones. What are your thoughts on the growth of online gaming industry? – Share with us in the comments section below.