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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

Open-world games are supposed to be huge, but after playing Witcher 3: Wild Hunt all over the last week, and have not even progressed the half of it, I can assure this game offers massive fantasy open-world action, you must experience.

Even though many of you want to play Witcher and Witcher 2, before playing this game, I would suggest just read the basic stuff on Wikipedia for 20 minutes and Jump right in. There is so much going on in Witcher 3’s open world, you do not want to miss – you have clues to find, potions to collect, fight and cast the spells on monsters, and more importantly march ahead in the main quest.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Review

Like I said, there is so much to explore considering the huge open-world of Witcher 3, you will never get tired of playing this game, and keep wanting for even more. Despite being made on this enormous scale, every element of this game has been paid high attention to.  Starting from the well-written scenes, multi-dimensional characters,  moments that have emotions attached, and their deeper connection to something bigger.

The protagonist, Geralt of Rivia has is on a long quest to finding his long lost love interest Yennifer, and their adopted daughter Ciri. In his extensive journey Geralt has to meet some crucial characters, dig for information from them, and fight through diverse monsters in the side quests and explore number of lands and their stories.

This quest becomes more interesting, as you get to control the decisions that Geralt makes, and in a long run, each decision is actually affecting the game play noticeably. Apart from the main quest, the additional fetch-quests that you have to perform some times feels a little too much.

The great voice acting even for the side characters becomes integral in making Witcher 3’s story captivating. There is so much attention to details in characters like Baron, who helps you in many ways all over the journey.

Apart from the strong characters, the gigantic and fascinating landscapes that are visually pleasing, kids and pets running around the places, and the detailed environmental elements makes this open world extremely lifelike. Being a fantasy action role playing game, you will encounter with Dwarfs, Elves & other creatures, but there is majorly the human touch to this world, thanks to emotional bits of the story.

You will relish the journey through fantasy lands, and the ways you explore the life around those places. More often, you will find the sad places with people who are always living around the war, all the time. Emotional background sound-tracks will make you feel the pain in these communities, and fight hard for them.witcher-3-creature-fight-sceneThe character of the Geralt, is as always the bad-ass action hero, who can cast magic spells and blaze the monsters in style with his witchcraft. After all being the Witcher is the point of the whole game, and you would be fascinated with the tasks like finding potions, oils, making magical spells with them, improving your swords with potions to fight mighty beast; there is so much to learn and explore for you in this game.

Considering the size of giant monsters, sometimes you will feel the game being unfair to you in during the close combats with them, but that’s where the challenge is, and trust me, conquering that will give you an unforgettable experience. On the other hand, you can always burn the smaller group of monsters or slash through human enemies, as being a witcher, you are insanely powerful than them. Kill better to perfect your witchcraft and retrieve your witch senses, that’s the key to enjoy the fight in its full glory.

The combats in this game are lot fluid compared to Witcher 2, but feels a bit easier at some quests. The steel and silver swords of Geralt are both very helpful in particular cases, and you use the alternate casting modes, and wider variety of upgrades to enjoy the fights even more.

These battles gets a lot bigger, interesting and more enjoyable as you move through in the main quest of Witcher 3. Clearly, the game is brutal at many points, but the beauty of Witcher 3’s action lies in that violence.witcher-3-human-fight-sceneApart from the battles, you will get an immersive experience in tasks like obtaining joy clues, finding buried treasures in forest or even underwater, increasing your repository over the time. The in-game economy is not easy to acquire, so you would have to work hard earning it.

The new potion system is lot simplified, which improves your speed in restocking, carrying and using your potions and oils. And new skills systems are improvised and will offer diversified flexibility in the way you develope your character.

In this massive open world of quest, you will get to play interesting mini games like horse races or card games, that you will enjoy a lot. (And I am hoping I will find even more.)

After riding your horse through the mountains and fighting hideous monsters, the delightful landscapes that you come across takes this RPG game experience to nothing you’ve experience before. Amazing environmental effects like sunsets, mountains, valleys and lands, are so tempting, you would roam around the place just to enjoy the visual pleasure of it. Despite of being such an enticing experience, the open world is equally purposeful as well, and that is where Witcher 3 goes many miles ahead of its competition.


Strong character arcs, rich story, excellent voice-overs and insanely beautiful landscape you explore through the massive open world, Witcher 3 will take you to the peak satisfaction in RPG experience. And even after that, I’m pretty sure, there will be so much to learn, explore and enjoy.

I wil highly recommend this game to Role Playing Gaming fans, and even for those who would want to try this genre, there is no better game to start than Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.