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5 Games that You Must Play if You Have a Nintendo Wii U

The Switch might be Nintendo’s latest console that’s getting all the love from the company right now, but there’s no reason to feel dejected if you are still playing on the Wii U. In spite of having a rocky lifetime, the Wii U does have a selection of very good games that still feel as good as the day they came out. Let’s now take a look at five such games, which will make you feel good about the old console once again.

Super Smash Bros. (Wii U Version)

The classic hit from the original Nintendo 64 was remade and re-launched back in 2014 to a crowd that was waiting for this remake for a long time. The game delivered on almost all fronts and it was a resounding success with everyone who played it. What’s not to love about being able to brawl against your friends and family while assuming the role of some of the most iconic video game characters ever? Nothing really, and it never really gets old if you have friends or family members to play with.

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Bayonetta 2

When your protagonist is an eight-foot-tall beautiful Umbra witch with horn-rimmed glasses and she fights extremely weird monsters, mostly with her jet black magic hair, you know that you are in for some serious, over-the-top, tongue in the cheek fun! The original Bayonetta was super fun as well, but Bayonetta 2 takes it to a whole new level and you can now experience all that on your Wii U.

Nintendo Wii U

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Mario might be Nintendo’s most popular character ever, but Donkey Kong isn’t too far behind either. If you have played any of the classics, then you will have to play this one because Tropical Freeze stays true and pays homage to much of what made the originals so great and popular. Even if you are not familiar with Donkey Kong, you will love the challenge that this platformer throws at you. It’s innovative, challenging and nostalgic at the same time, with beautifully detailed graphics design that deserves special mention. For a full review and all in-game cheats, check out Game Guide World.

The Wonderful 101

This action-adventure title is often praised for being one of the most well-executed innovations on the Wii U platform – and deservedly so. There are 101 superheroes (including you) for you to control in this game and their ability to morph into swords, guns, bridges, and hand-gliders (to name a few) is a completely different take on things that you will enjoy in this fast-paced ode to Japanese TV show characters such as the Power Rangers and Kamen Rider. Occasionally, it will tickle your grey cells too with some interesting puzzles that never get too hard.

Mario Kart 8

If you have ever played on your Wii U, this is probably that one title where you have already invested hundreds of hours, but if that’s not the case yet and you have not raced against the meanest version of Luigi ever, we suggest that you get a copy and start correcting that error right now. Realistic as modern racing games might be, very few of them come even close to Mario Kart 8 when it comes to delivering pure fun.

Other honorable mentions that did not make it onto the list include ZombiU, Super Mario Maker, and Super Mario 3D World. If you are wondering why we did not include the latest and greatest The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on this list, then that’s because of the fact that it doesn’t really shine on the Wii U as much as it does on the Switch. Nevertheless, if you have not played it yet, that should be the first game on your wish list!