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Pros and Cons of Apple iPad [Apple iPad Flaws and Bugs]

You can never get one single gadget of your choice, every gadget have some positive and some negative points, so do the Apple iPad have.

If you are planning to buy out an Apple iPad, I would like to share pros and cons of Apple iPad below and then take your decision.

Pros and Cons of Apple iPad [Apple iPad Flaws and Bugs]
Apple iPad

Cons of Apple iPad :

No Camera and Flash

No complete support for GPS

Flash Enabled Video can’t be loaded

No USB Support

No Multitasking

No Drag and Drop File Management

No SD-Card Reader in-built

No HDMI Output

Pros of Apple iPad :

Can use your Home Wi-Fi

10 Hours Battery Life

Built in Speaker and Microphone

iPhone/iPod Type Easy Interface

Awesome App Store

Can use third party apps without any modification

Easy to read Newspapers, magazines and ebooks.

These were some of the positive and negative points of Apple iPad.

Do think of the pros and cons of iPad before buying it, plus if you owe this device and have some of your own points follow up and share with us.