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Chinese Smartphones: What Should You Know?

Chinese phones offer great value for money, but with a few drawbacks. However, if you are looking for a budget smartphone that very few other people will have then a Chinese smartphone is definitely a good choice.

Currently in Australia, Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone market. However, you may have heard about Haier, Oppo and Xiaomi – all of which are Chinese smartphone brands. These companies are expanding with global releases on the horizon.

At the moment there are few official channels to purchase a Chinese smartphone meaning that consumer won’t be able to return faulty products, it may not work with their network and some don’t come with Google Play installed. As some phones won’t automatically come with Google Play it makes downloading apps, games difficult. It is important not to download apps from insecure sources especially when they involve money like online casinos, shopping and any in app purchases. The last thing you want is for your phone to get hacked and spill your bank details across the internet. Chinese smartphones require additional research over regular phones, but again due to the saving you’ll likely make on the handset they could be worth it.

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Xiaomi aesthetics are very similar to that of Apple’s smartphones, so similar that should they be released globally they might open themselves up to copyright and IP complaints. Xiaomi comes with the MIUI operating system and plenty of accessories such as fitness trackers like FitBit and external battery packs. The accessory and phones quality are some of the best, so whether you want to make calls, play games or gamble with online casino’s like Red Flush Casino, then Xiaomi could be a great choice. Xiaomi even have a bendable phone concept phone that they are working on which will be really interesting to see. Now when you have the urge to twist and crush your phone when you miss out on a close with it will now be able to snap back.

All the Chinese smartphones scheduled for release outside China will need to allow users access to the Google Play Store for apps and games. Users can also gamble in online casinos and win the money they spent on the phone back, in fact they can claim your new player welcome bonus at Red Flush Casino for the chance to win even more money.

Huawei is the market leader in China and worldwide it is now the third largest smartphone manufacturer. With an innovative design that is unlike it’s competitors, Huawei, has seen success with it’s Honor brand in Europe. In Australia however, it is still quite an unknown brand, but this will likely change due to their partnership with Google on the Nexus 6P. With Huawei moving closer to Google expect to see them make greater use of the Google Play Store allowing users to download apps, play games and access online casino’s like Red Flush Casino.

Oppo is in many ways very similar to Xiaomi in so much as it feels very similar to an iPhone. However, they are expanding into Western markets much easier because they don’t have any patent infringements like Xiaomi. Oppo chose Australia as its first Western market with the release of the Oppo R7. This sleek, thin phone uses high end tech and cost nearly half the iPhone and Samsung equivalent.

If you are looking to purchase a Chinese smartphone though, then Oppo and Huawei are producing some excellent quality phones at very reasonable prices.