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All New Amazon Kindle 2016: 10 Things to Know Before You Buy!

Amazon has started taking pre-orders for their 2016  upgraded version of the basic kindle, and the shipment will start on July 7th.

Here is everything you need to know about this all new kindle, before you buy it.

  1. The glare-free display is still 167 PPI, so there is no resolution upgrade if you are looking for something like that. It’s not a bad thing though, as the previous generation kindle had the same resolution, and is one of the best displays to read an ebook on.
  1. All new kindle comes in in two colours – White & Black. Having a white kindle would be quite unique, compared to millions of other classic Kindle users!
  1. The new Kindle thinner. Compared to the 10.2 mm thickness of the previous generation, this version is only 9.1mm thick!
  1. 2016 Kindle version is 16% lighter. The weight is now reduced from 191 gms to 161 gms. So holding kindle for prolonged times won’t be a problem!
  1. With changed specifications in thickness and weight, clearly, there is a new design for 2016 Kindle.If we compare both of the kindle images side by side, the bezel on the bottom looks bit reduced, and edges are rounded on the corners. The older generation kindle had a cheap plastic body. So I am hoping for the upgrade to rubberized finish on the back, but we will only know once we receive the preordered device.
  1. Most important of all, the device memory is increased from 2GB to 4GB. So you can now carry twice as much books and magazines on your Kindle!Kindle-Screenshot-2
  1. You can now export your highlights and notes from kindle  books to PDF or  spreadsheet formats, and email it to yourself. I was waiting for ‘highlight export’ feature quite a long time, and it’s finally here! Students can take notes from educational books and you can now export your favourite quotes very easily!
  1. All New Kindle now supports Bluetooth for Amazon VoiceView technology. This first of its kind Bluetooth supported kindle can now read on-screen content, and take some voice commands as well. This feature is not useful for listening audible ebooks or music   , but still a handy feature for all ebook fans!
  1. There is still no support for 3G, which I don’t really think is a big deal considering the low price point.
  1. The last and most important point of all is, price is still the same! –  – $79 in for users in US & about 6000 rs. In India.

The software features are exactly similar to Kindle Paperwhite, Voyage or Oasis. So you don’t miss out on anything except the built-in light if you compare it with Paperwhite!

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So there you go, the 10 most important things you should know if you are planning to buy All new Kindle 2016 version.

We are definitely going to cover the review of this version of Kindle, so make sure you subscribe to our blog today!