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Prasad Dusane

Best Home Projector Buying Guide

Best Home Projector Buying Guide

Let’s say you wake up one morning, and want to get a best home projector for personal use but know little or nothing about them, what would you do?When considering

best projector for gaming

Best Projector For Gaming In 2017

One of the very interesting trends in the gaming industry is the craze of gamers who are in love with playing their beloved games on a projector. Now this isn’t

best projector under 200

Best Projector Under $200

So many projectors these days have become popular as the market widens and this increases the options for the buyer to choose from. However, only a few people, if not

best projector

Best Projector Money Can Buy

A lot of money is always involved whenever it comes to purchasing the best pieces of technology. So, if you are looking at getting a hold of some really good

Best Pico Projector

Best Pico Projector’s Under $500

Lately, technology is becoming so advanced, affordable and portable such that you can easily carry the huge 3D or HD viewing experiences that were stationary and previously associated with only