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Best Projector Under $200

So many projectors these days have become popular as the market widens and this increases the options for the buyer to choose from. However, only a few people, if not many of us may be constrained by our budgets and thus opt for “a certain market value.” From being used at home to project movies or gaming to even for office use, here’s a piece that would aid you in choosing best projector under $200.

Note, however, that there are many projectors in the market at the moment which can be bought for as low as $100 or even less – thanks to cheap labor from China as well as the unstoppable boom of her electronics industry. But then, while many of these products are of great quality and market value, not all of them will give you what you want. For good measure, I have taken the time to present you just four of the very best in this category.

These four were picked after personal experience using some of them as well as positive reports from customers who have used them too.  So, are you ready? Let’s get started.

The List of Best Projector Under $200

AAXA P3-X Pico Projector

best projector under 200

Just before you rule out having a Pico projector for formal presentations, let me tell you just a bit on why this should be on your list. This projector has a LED hour life superior to most others (20000)and an ultra bright 85lumen premium LED optical engine. Also of note in the specification is its 0.4pound weight that makes it so pocket-friendly (5.5’’7.5’’1’’) and almost unnoticeable when there.

The AAXA P3-X projector is able to produce 100’’ image in dark environments, giving you that feel of comfortable pleasure should you want to temporarily have a theatrical experience at home. And in majesty, it offers an array of inputs from Mini-HDML, MicroSD and USB drive without the need to connect to a laptop or phone to play videos, pictures, and music directly on the board. It is a true mobile presentation device and can serve handily even in the office.

YKS 3D HD Projector

best projector under 200

When you consider taking up indoor fun activities and it’s one that involves having friends come over to either watch football matches or play 3D compatible games, well here’s a 200’’ screen display projector that has red and blue 3D glasses for integration with a source of filming or gaming, the YKS 3D HD projector. Its 3200lumens full HD creates very high contrast ratio with enhanced color feature and advanced color enriched technology. And of course, you could connect your iPhone, android, PC hard-disk device to the projector. However, it is not so suitable for PPT, Word, Excel or business presentation or teaching.

Optoma S321 3D SVGA Projector

best projector under 200

An ‘any environment’ can-us projector that has a stunning color presentation at 3200ANSI lumens. Its S321 edge mast feature eliminates soft and rough edges of image borders to produce a smooth image. Its lamp life is an impressive 10000hours with extended viewing, so if you decide to watch a movie every day for 2hours then be sure it would last over 10 years. One of the pros to using this projector is its optional wireless connectivity to laptop or PC. It can output videos and images at an astonishing rate of 120Hz, allowing you cohesive viewing alongside a full-screen display, full color and stereoscopic displays making it perfect for business and education applications. So if your choice is a projector whose color effect is awesome for years to come, then you should think toward Optoma for consistent performance if you are willing to tilt your bill to the right just a bit.

Fugetek LCD video projector

best projector under 200

In the whole of the gaming world, the projector with the highest ranking and best visual quality is of Fugetek. It’s 5’’ LCD technology polls this projector the best over its rivals of 7’’ LCD in terms of brightness and quality. The Fugetek projector is able to raise its images up to an amazing 18feet. Its compatibility amongst is the major reason behind its value in the projection game world; it can connect to almost any gaming system (480i/p, 576i/p, 720i/p and 1080i/p). It comes with a remote control and has inputs for video, TV, HDMI, USB and VGA.

Now finally you have seen the top 4 projectors out of a whole lot for a budget of $200 or less. Depending to what purpose it is to serve; whether for office (AAXA), gaming(Fugetek), match viewing(YKS 3D HD) or movies(Optoma), you could definitely find a way to appease yourself. Make your choice and ensure you PRESENT it well.


Like I always say, there is a projector for you, no matter the size of your pocket. In an earlier post, I provided a lot of information on how to go about buying the best available projectors in the market with your budget. I will now summarize once and for all. The higher the price tag of a projector, the more likely it is that it will have better display, more impressive lifespan as well as most features in general. However, a mighty, expensive projector might not be suitable for you if you only need something small and for private “small scale” use.And yes, you can still pick up something fairly new on eBay if you search long enough, though there is always the option of buying directly from some of the most trusted sites in the world that deal on sounds and pictures.


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