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Best Pico Projector’s Under $500

Lately, technology is becoming so advanced, affordable and portable such that you can easily carry the huge 3D or HD viewing experiences that were stationary and previously associated with only a few fortunate and wealthy individuals in our society. Gone are the days when you needed thousands of dollars to buy a projector. Today, there are many good projectors you can buy for less than $500. This article is a compilation of such projectors so as to guide you as you shop for a projector which is cost effective and has all the necessary features required for high performance.We call the projectors best pico projector as the word is just another way to call them mini, micro or pocket.

The latest innovations in projector technology have paved way for the emergence of more useful devices in terms of memory viewing, teaching in schools or in the offices for slideshows. The benefits go on to include an impressive 300 inches of the display area or even more as the case may be. One may further employ projector technology in watching movies, playing video games, Google chrome cast as well as viewing blue-ray discs. These uses are just so endless and so satisfying.The pictorial quality gives you just the exact feel you get when in the cinemas.

Now let’s take a look at best pico projector

Viewsonic PJD5155

Pico Projector

Just at about $299.00, you get this projector which is considered one of the best Pico projectors for outdoor movies. The Viewsonic PJD5155 is an exceptional projector for anymore who is concerned about movie nights. With its cost effectiveness which won’t make you break the bank to acquire, it flaunts some remarkable features. With a super bright 3,300 lumens in picture quality and a vibrant contrast ratio at 20,000:1, the screen size goes about 207 inches or more.

You might feel a little dislodged about its 800×600 SVGA native resolution but be rest assured at such price you are not likely to get anyone better. It also comes with all the standard ports you would require, most obviously a mini USB input. This makes you smile, it is also compatible with streaming fromAppleTV etc. Another feature worth noting the inbuilt speakers which are amazing for both indoor and outdoor movie watching. 

Optoma H181X

This projector is referred to as the best Pico theater projector amongst the list with a full 3D projection at about 720p to 1080p for awesome, vibrant and crunchy video play out. This projector has a very bright, large picture display that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. It comes with two HDMI ports which can be used for gaming, it also comes with a remote control for easy setup and feature adjustments. With the dplink technology that gives awesome theater projection experience. An easy menu to make setup quick and easy. Not forgetting its 3Dshutter glasses. Compactable with your laptop, smartphones or tablets, easily connect to an external speakers or amplifier for additional and volume and extraordinary effects. So from the comfort of your home, I would gladly say this is one of the best theater projectors under $500 which gives an awesome lovable theater experience. 

LG PH450UG Short Throw Projector

Pico Projectors

This projector is the type I would like to refer to as an apartment projector because you don’t need to take it too further from the wall or screen; just from 3inches away you can get a screen size of up to 40-inch screen is an ultra-short throw projector. With a built-in battery which gives you an uninterrupted view of up to 2.5hours, a Bluetooth functionality which enables you connect to your Bluetooth speakers, an effective silent  heat control system, a native resolution of 1280×720 HD, a remote control which enables easy setup, as well as compatibility with Blu-ray discs; there is little that it cannot do.

It has a lamp life of up to 30,000 hours, wireless miracast and DNLA connectivity for screencasting. This projector also supports devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops even as it allows streaming from AppleTV or Amazon Fire TV.  All of these go for just $499.00. A great deal, what do you think?

Acer H5380BD

Pico Projectors

The Acer H5380BD has a higher brightness level when compared with most projectors in its price range. It parades 54 foot-lambert’s on a 102-inch screen, and its brightness levels are adjustable when a more accurate color temperature is presented. In practical terms, 54 foot-lambert’s is a higher brightness level compared to what most plasma TV can offer, it is likely to project images on a 150-inch screen which is diagonal and a higher brightness level than what is obtainable in most movie theaters.

With a sufficient contrast ratio of 1920:1, it is considerably higher than what their competitors offer and obviously the same as what projectors which are higher in price offer. Its color accuracy is substantially effective and an added lens shift which is hardly gotten in any projector in this price range. The Acer H5380BD is fitted out with standard connectivity options such asHDMI ports, an MHL port, with an audio jack output which enables you to use an external audio system with a preferable audio output than what the inbuilt speakers can offer.

This projector has eradicated the issue of lag time performance which is able to make your projecting experience hassle. To add an extra plumage, it has a top level performance of 33 ms.Built with a DLP technology, this projector has no business with blur motion display during the video.

RIF6 Cube Pico Projector

Pico Projectors

This projector is often described as the best for creative minds. For a small 2-inch cube size, up to 120inches of screen area can be generated. At $249 it produces an awesome brightness, rich colors, and wonderful texture. This projector is designed to support HDMI and MHL ports, and an SD card slot. Depending on how creative you get, there are unlimited ways to make the best of this projector.

It comes with a flexible tripod stand suitable for outdoor recreational uses like hiking, camping or just out the back. There is more. You can use this gadget while charging and still enjoy up to 90 minutes battery life – making sure power outage never interrupts with your viewing.


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