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vShare App Download Tutorial for iPhone Android and PC

If you are looking for an alternative way of downloading apps and games, try vShare. One of the first unofficial installers released, it offers a massive choice of content for free and plenty of other features too. Check out all the details below.

How to Download the vShare App:

vShare is pretty versatile, working on iOS, Android and on Mac or Windows PC too.

Method 1: iOS

  1. Open Safari browser and go to the vShare download Page.
  2. Tap Install on the app page so the profile can be downloaded
  3. Your settings app will open, tap on Install Profile
  4. Type in your passcode, which will open Safari browser
  5. Tap Install and then ten Install on the confirmation box
  6. Wait for Settings to open again and tap Install>Next>Done
  7. When the app is installed, the app icon is on your home screen. If it isn’t, do these steps again

Method 2: Android

For this, you need to download the .apk file to your device and install it. Go to vShare download page linked above.

  1. Open Settings>Security and enable the option for Unknown Sources – this is the only way to install the app
  2. Download the vShare .apk file onto your device using the download button on the link above.
  3. Find the file and tap it to start installing it
  4. When it’s finished the icon is on your homepage and you can use it for all your apps and games

Method 3: PC or Mac

There are two ways to do this:

vShare Helper App:

  1. Open your desktop browser and download vShare Helper
  2. Extract the file
  3. Tap the .exe file to install vShare Helper on your computer
  4. When the vShare Wizard appears, pick the location when you want vShare installed to
  5. Click on the IPA File Auto Associate button
  6. Click on Install
  7. Wait until the installation has completed and then click Go
  8. A message will ask you to connect your device; do so using the correct cable
  9. On the new screen, you will see the app icon. In the bottom corner are three options – “When Complete”, “idle” and “used Space”
  10. Tap the icon and wait; the app will now be installed on your device

Android EMulator for Windows PC and Mac OSX:

You can also use an Android emulator on your computer and download the Android APK file. We recommend BlueStacks as the easiest and most reliable emulator:

  1. Download BlueStacks onto your Mac or PC
  2. Download the vShare APK file onto your computer
  3. Open BlueStacks by clicking the desktop icon
  4. Type vshare.apk into the search bar and, when the result appears click on it
  5. Wait for the installation to finish – this might take a few minutes
  6. When it’s done, you can use the app on your PC or Mac.

With so many options to download vShare, you can enjoy it on all your devices. And, on your PC or Mac, you can play all your favorite games, taking advantage of the better memory and graphics, not to mention a bigger screen.

How to Use the vShare App:

Using the app is incredibly simple:

  1. Download vShare using one of the methods above
  2. Find the icon on your home screen and tap or click to open it
  3. Decide on your app category (see below) and tap it
  4. Have a look through the apps, games or other content on offer
  5. If you have a certain app or game in mind, type it into the search bar
  6. Tap on the result to download it – follow on-screen instructions
  7. Enjoy your new app or game

App Features:

When you open vShare, you will see four categories – each one contains a certain type of content, making it very easy for you to find what you are looking for

  • App Store Apps – lots of apps and games, including premium ones, from the official app store – all free
  • Exclusive Apps – apps you can’t find in any official installer – AirShou screen recorder, lots of different games emulators, movie apps, music apps and loads more
  • Tweaked Apps – stock apps tweaked with new features to make them work better
  • Modified apps – your favorite games, all in-app purchases unlocked and new features added – all free

Alternative Apps:

If You cant get on with vShare, check out one of these alternatives:

Panda Helper:

Panda Helper offers another great range of iOS apps and games, tweaks and other content.

With regular updates, the installer is provided with new content and is kept safe and secure


ACMarket is an alternative Android app store, offering thousands of Android apps and games.

With new content added regularly, it is the best Android app store in use today. Try vShare and see how you get on with it. For more tips like this, follow us on Facebook