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iOS, Cocoa Touch And iPhone App Development Basics

iOS – The most advanced mobile operating system supports Apple iPhones, and other Apple devices such as the ipad and the ipod. The iOS is the basis for developing various iPhone apps. The iOS is derived pretty much from the Mac OS X.

Features of the iOS

The iOS is the most advanced operating system for mobiles and lends itself to the development of a variety of apps. The uniqueness of the iOS is its multitasking feature that allows you to run two or more apps simultaneously. Also the apps run in the background, without taking a toll on the battery life and performance.

Cocoa Touch

Cocoa touch is the programming framework responsible for the touch driven interactions on the iPhone. The cocoa touch is an extension of the Cocoa, Apple Inc’s native API. The cocoa touch has been developed specifically to enable gesture recognition and animation in the apps. The cocoa touch allows developers to create innovative new iPhones apps that are accessible by multi touch.

iPhone App Development - Cocoa Touch

Features of Cocoa Touch

  • Cocoa touch is based on objective C language that is a superset of C. So it is easier to use C and C ++ language in your applications. Also because objective C is an object oriented language, it enables cocoa touch to run at incredible speed, which is a positive point for your applications.
  • Cocoa touch is built on the Model View Controller concept, the underlying principle of which is to link the visual data with the data in the form of files, settings or documents and to nmaintain states that keep them synchronized. Thus Cocoa touch provides a solid foundation for designing table lists, page transitions and gestures to create state of the art iPhone apps.
  • By combining cocoa touch with the interface builder developer tool, you can use ‘drag and drop’ to design the next great iOS app.

Advantages of Cocoa Touch Applications

  • The cocoa touch applications include features like animation that make them quite popular.
  • Mobile apps are used by people on the go. Using cocoa touch offers apps which can be accessed by touch screen technology, which is very convenient for users on the go.
  • Cocoa touch based apps work with any Apple device like iPhone, iPad or the iPod, giving the user more reasons to download the app for multiple benefits.

If you are a budding apps developer, the combination of iOS with cocoa touch is just the right tool for you. For more such informative articles, tutorials, reviews & downloads – Sign up for our Free Email Newsletter  here.


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