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N-gage App Review: Brings Your World Of Communication Together!

Instant communication applications have evolved a lot in past few years, and constantly growing number of smartphone users are availing innovators to use this medium quite creatively. Be it to find interesting people, to sending disappearing images, the chat application features are growing every day.

One such mobile app called N-gage has tried to bring the best chat features, with the addition of few new ways together. There are obvious features like one-to-one, one-to-many (broadcast), group messaging.

Adding more to that they have brought some popular social features to the application, like following people just like on Twitter, or Sending quick pictures like Snapchat. Some extras like sketch tool or write tools help you make your messages look beautiful, and you can even play with the canvas or background while chatting real time.

The great addition to this universal chat application is audio as well as video calling. So not only you can make free calls, but you can do some video chatting as well. This feature is quite useful for both professional and personal use.

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Different types of rewards are being offered in the form of coupons of different brands, loyalty points, recharge, which are good if you can spend your extra time to earn benefits.

As N-gage is all about connecting with your friends, you can invite them via Facebook, Google etc and connect with them. N-gage also gives you suggestions for friends based on the things you like etc. You can send/receive invites to/fro other friends on multiple platforms. There few paid tests like brain mapping and more, you can request by either purchasing through app directly or by applying redeem codes.

A great way to discover  people are through the interests segment. ‘My Life Interests’ is a segment where you can choose some of your favorite books, celebrities, games, music & even health interests. With tthese interests the N-gage can help you find friends based on interest, so you can find more like-minded friends. The selection library lets say for books is huge, and the search feature is comprehensive.


You can use this as a great universal app that saves a space on your smartphone, as well as the need to hop from app to app for different types of communications. But by bringing so many features together, the user interface has become crowded in most of the sections. The app doesn’t respond well through searches or navigation, considering it has to browse through a huge data library. Clearly the developers need to work on he performance optimization and focus heavily on the user experience, but with some updates being promised, I see these issues will go away pretty quickly.

For some quick tools that make your chat better & the universal features that brings your world of communication together, It surely deserves a try.

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