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AudioNotepad HD iPad App Review: Most Unique Notes App for iPad!

As of now we have reviewed quite a few apps for Apple iPhone & Android Smartphones, And today I am giving you a deeper insight into one of the very productive app for Apple iPad for taking advance audio notes called – AudioNotepad HD.

AudioNotepad HD app is really useful for –

– Recording Lectures

– Interviews

– Reports

– Business Talks

Lets take a closer look at what this app has to offer other than standard note taking apps in following review.

AudioNotepad HD iPad App Review

At first look you might think that it’s a simple note taking app which can record audio as well, but let me tell you the integration of drawing, writing & recording has been taken to whole new level by the developers with AudioNotepadHD.

I used this app for last 3 days and most amazing feature for me was its timeline association of drawing with the recording.

AudioNotepad HD App For iPad Interface

e.g. I was in a small business meeting last day and  one of vendor was giving insights about his product. I first started recording note along with their presentation started. Secondly, I was drawing block diagrams & few rough drawings on my iPad using AudioNotepad HD app. Now when I got back to my office, I was listening to whole meeting the app was showing me the drawings at exact same time when I did them during the meeting.

Which is truly amazing!

When it comes to text notes, you can vary colors & fonts easily, drawing while typing and record as well. The audio get recorded with AAC format encoding and which makes the overall file size really low. Which is amazing because even if you record for a hour it will as less as 30MB which saves quite a good amount of space.

Organizing is really easy, you can create folders and even search the documents &text really fast. And when it comes to sahring well you can share documents via e-mail, Dropbox, Evernote and iTunes. Alternatively you can share audio with other Audiopad HD users & print the text documents too!

AudioNotepad HD App For iPad

You can record audio for unlimited time, so even if your lecture goes on for hours your app is taking care of all the audio recording.Another unique feature compared to any other notes app is rotate-to-zoom system, that helps you easily switch from observing full page to close-up view.

AudioNotepad HD App For iPad Screenshot

Overall interface it really fluid and audio recording works seamlessly on your Apple iPad. The app takes full advantage of the huge screen placing icons smartly, organize notes and folders and makes everything really very accessible.

As I said earlier AudioNotepad HD makes note taking experience to really easy and its definitely worth for its cost of $3.99

Cost: $3.99

Rating – 5/5

Download AudioNotepad HD