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Dream Vision Board App Review – Amazing App For iPhone & Android!

‘When you focus on problems, you get more of it and when you focus on Solutions, you will find solutions!’ – some legend has quoted this and well it is indeed the true representation of what great things we can achieve by focussing on right stuff. Today, I am going to review one app, that will help you focus more on  your dreams & life goals – Dream Vision Board.

Vision Boards are great proven tool for improved productivity and to achieve goals faster, and with the power of this tool on your smartphones, it has just got easier to create them as fast as possible.

The vision board app is available for both Android & iOS users, allowing you to create amazing custom vision boards for your day-to-day inspiration. The app allows you to use its numerous symbols, affirmations & images that you can use to create custom vision boards.

The developer has created complete set of symbols & backgrounds that are well categorized and all index is searchable, which comes really handy when you are looking for relevent icons for your vision boards. Because for many out there it is really important to have exact image or symbol they are willing to have for vision boards.

The app also features an in-built symbol creator, which helps you create  and include symbols in the app library, which can be reused later. The symbols can be edited properly and editor is simple yet powerful for making your vision board very personalized.

With these digital vision board apps, lets you create as much vision boards as you can which is pretty handy comes to physical vision boards, so you can have separate boards for love-life, business plans,  financials and so on.

There are 500+ Positive Success Statements (Affirmations) & 400 symbols you can directly use, without need of any extra efforts. Additionally there are few ready templates which can be implemented within minutes.

The interface is simple to understand ans super easy to use for all types of smart phone users & helps you create vision boards really fast. The UI looks more elegant on iOS devices compared to Android phones for obvious reasons, but the app performs equally well on both platforms.

I will highly recommend this Dream Vision Board app for those who are looking for making their day-to-day life more productive and reach life goals very easily. I used this app for like 6 days now, And I am truly impressed by its overall use in changing my focus towards some specific task, I was trying to accomplish from long time. Do try it as, this amazing app is currently available for 100% Free for limited time!

Cost: Free

Compatible For : Android, iOS Devices

Ratings – 4.5/5

Download Dream Vision Board For Android

Download Dream Vision Board For iPhone