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8 Features That Apple iOS 5 Adopted From Android OS

aApple iPhone 5G & iOS 5 are the most talked about launches we expected in past few days from which iOS 5 surfaced very first on 6th June. As we know Android over smarted the iPhone & iOS way to before by its capabilities.

So, iOS 5 as the major update for Apple users that makes them more free from their Mac/PC for using the device & have adopted or copied some of the major features of Google’s Android smartphone operating system.

Apple iOS 5 Features Adopted From Android

Top 8 features of iOS , Adopted (Copied) From Android OS

1. Status Bar For Notifications

Best feature of Android that now iPhone users can use on their iOS 5 devices. They’ll get an animated status bar on the top of the screen everytime you get any new Email, SMS or updates.

2. Notifications on Locked Screen

If you are driving or away from your phone if you just open the device you can see all those notification on your iPhone or iPad on the lock screen itself. Its completely similar to most of the Android devices.

3. OTA (Over The Air) iOS Update

Before this iOS5 you have to connect your phone to iTunes to install new update of iOS and get newest version on your devices. Now you can do wireless (OTA) update of iOS devices – which came fairly late from smartphone giant like apple, Because Android users can do OTA updates from long time. And of course this one is most useful adopted feature from Android to iOS 5.

4. Wirefree Sync with iTunes

Again, copied form Android feature is – Syncing with iTunes wireless. You don’t have to connect data cable for syncing your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad with iTunes. You can once configure iTunes & all your devices gets updated automatically on your Wi Fi Network.

4. WireFree Set up of the Phone

Before iOS 5, you need to connect your iPhone to set up for the first time & it used to work with the same PC/Mac properly. From now on you have another great feature adopted form Android – Wirefree & Computer free Set up of the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

5. Twitter Integration

Twitter today is integral part of everyone’s web life & I guess Android has understood this pretty much before its launch. New feature on iOS 5 lets you integrate Twitter share button completely on your devices for sharing your status, pictures & stuff you do on your iPhone.

6. Camera on Lock Screen

This is the feature not all the Android devices have- but yes most of them have it or we have Apps for it. iOS 5 integrates an camera button right on your lock screen for accessing camera on one touch.

7. One Touch Camera Click

With your volume buttons on iPhone you have one touch access for clicking your pictures easily. Its so getting easier , isn’t it ???

8. Multitasking With Safari Browser

And this one is very important feature that Android has done before its launch and now available on iOS 5 – You can use your Safari browser in background to any application on device. As we know how powerful safari is for browsing you can now multi task with it as well.

These are not just features that are adopted from Android OS but these are the features that will make many of us shift from Android to Apple iPhone.

Let us know what do you think about this transformation of Apple iOS 5 towards wire-freeness  in comments below.




3 Responses

  1. #3 such a bogus. ota app updates always worked on ios. it is the update of ios itself which works ota now. can the tiny robot do that?

    1. Thanks for correction dude,

      BTW Android OS gets updated from so long time. Tiny robot can still do much more better things than iOS.

    2. Thanks for correction.

      BTW Android OS gets updated Over the Air from very long time. And tiny robot can still do much more things than you can think to do on iOS.