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Protecting Your Apple iPhone: 4 Security Tips

According to recent statistics, India will soon have more than 10 million people using Apple iPhones! There is no denying that this stylish smartphone is quickly becoming the device of choice – a worthwhile buy whether you plan on using it for work, for leisure, or both.

Unfortunately, as with most device technology these days, and anything that runs on software for that matter, iPhones can be vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Never mind the fact that these particular smartphones have become huge targets for opportunistic criminals and thieves!

With the above in mind, here are a few security tips to help you keep your iPhone, as well as your personal information, safe and secure.

Be cautious

Obviously, you don’t want to leave your iPhone unattended, even if just for a few seconds at a time. It also isn’t recommended to walk around in public with it attached to your clothing via a belt clip or any other accessory that exposes it for everyone to see.  Rather keep it stashed away in your bag or in a deep, front pocket far away from prying eyes.

Utilize the technology available

The vast majority of iPhones come with Touch ID technology which allows you to lock your smartphone using an intelligent fingerprint scanner. The iPhone X takes things one step further with the introduction of Face ID technology designed to recognize you by your unique facial features. All of this advanced technology makes it much more challenging for anyone else to gain access to your iPhone’s contents in the event that it is stolen. Make use of it! You’ll be very glad that you did.

Update iOS regularly

Hackers who are particularly good at what they do will often find flaws in Apple’s coding which they can then use to their advantage when targeting unsuspecting victims. Luckily, if you update your iPhone regularly (including smaller ‘dot’ updates), you are likely to be able to remain one step ahead. Begin an update by opening the ‘Settings’ app and tapping on ‘General > Software Update’.

Activate ‘Find My iPhone’

The ‘Find My iPhone’ app enables you to use remote location tracking if a thief or hacker manages to get their hands on your device, or in the event that you lose your phone. The app also makes it possible for you to wipe your personal data from the device remotely. This means that even if someone does manage to get into your iPhone, they will not be able to access your personal information or anything else that you had stored on it.

Remember – while protecting your most prized possession from hackers and thieves is priority number one, it’s endlessly important to protect it from damage too! Worry-free protection in the form of screen protectors, such as the BodyGuardz new iPhone protectors with ultra-thin tempered glass, and premium iPhone cases tailor-made to fit your iPhone model, are highly recommended.

With reliable protection from both security breaches and potential damage, you’ll be able to enjoy many years of Apple’s greatest invention at its very best.