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Wordruggle Android Game Review – Awesome Multiplayer Madness!

When it comes Android powered smartphone, you get ample of games of available for every genre you can think of. Today, I am going to write review of one of such app for peeps who love to play around with words – Wordruggle

Wordruggle Android Game Review

This is basically an advance word puzzle, where you have to find hidden words in the number of letters you see on screen. It is advanced because this game is online multiplayer, and you are playing with the large community of fans with it.

Wordruggle Android Game - Start Menu

When you start this game, you are basically playing with all the logged in users or guest users as well within a strict time limit. As the time limit gets over, you will see the top scorers of the game and their names. In merely 304 seconds again the new game starts automatically and well, if you are smart & competitive enough, you can get addicted very quickly.

Wordruggle Android Game - Interface

The user interface is very compelling and easy to understand you have option to create profile of user or you can also play as guest but for best multiplayer gaming experience, having username is awesome. You get timer on top, then the shuffle button to rearrange the words & number counts for word is kind of hint.

Wordruggle Android Game - Score Card

Overall,the game is very interesting and I would highly recommend this game to people who loves playing with words & love challenging games.

Cost: Free

Compatible For: Android Smartphones /Tablets

Ratings – 5/5

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