urFonts iOS App Review – Create Personal Handwritten Fonts!

Typography makes the overall document and design work we do look elegant, and what can be better than writing on your computer with your own handwriting.

Sounds strange? – Well, this iOS app will help you convert your handwriting into fonts – urFonts!

urFonts iOS App Review

You have to register an account, and you can start designing your own font system. urFonts contains comprehensive set of tools that will help you design your each and every letter with your handwriting. There are enough set of tools to make it perfectly yours!

You can even draw your characters or use digital pen to simply write it digitally on urFonts.

uFonts-iOS-App-3Fonts created with this app can also be used in your computer or laptop and on all supported software.Your creative set of typography can also be shared with your friends or family, so they can use that as well.

Using system fonts get boring when you are an avid PC user for a long time, and I think its a really good way to personalize your overall typography with custom fonts. But the price tag of $2.99 is not a great option for casual users out there.

uFonts-iOS-App-2The user interface takes full advantage of Apple iPad’s high resolution display and avails big set of tools to make your fonts as you want it. Its design is visually appealing and easy to understand and adopt for editing your fonts.

uFonts-iOS-App-4Overall, I do not think its worth the price, unless you are using it for some commercial editing purpose. But if you want to develop fonts on the go, then urFonts is best app for you!

Cost: $2.99

Download urFonts


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