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[Tutorial] How To Install Spotify On Android Devices Outside US, UK

As we all know the greatest social music service Spotify is geographically limited only for US & UK customers, there are several ways you can access the site and desktop application, most popular amongst them is using the VPN. But even if you have VPN setup on your Android devices, Google Play Store restricts you from downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet, and gives the error – ‘This application is not available in your geographical region.’ So there is really simple way to accomplish accessing the Spotify app from outside the app store, as per following method.spotify-on-androidHow To Install Spotify On Android Devices Outside US, UK For following test, I accessed the Spotify on my Google Nexus 7, from India using a VPN called Unotelly. I already had account there, and you can find free VPN accounts from several tutorials available online. So I am assuming you have the VPN setup on your device already. With this guide, you can access Spotify on Android anywhere in the world. You can watch following video, or if you have trouble watching it, follow the step by step tutorial available below it.

Video Tutorial – Spotify on Android Outside US/ UK

Step By Step Guide

Step 1 On your Android device, Go To Settings > Wireless and Networks > More… > VPN Step 2 Enter your VPN host, username & password. And press Connect. Step 3 Once you are connected, please confirm from your notification bar, you must see a small KEY icon on the top left. Step 4 Go to Step 5 Click on manually download this application, This will download the APK source file of the Spotify application. After downloading it, you can install the application manually by simply clicking on it. Step 6 Now you will see the Spotify app installed on your device, click it and open it. Note that you must be connected to VPN while using Spotify on Android all the time. Step 7 Login to your account, and you can enjoy the Spotify app on your Android smartphone or tablet outside US/UK.