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Top 3 Must Have Music Apps for Android Smartphones

Though its synergy with iTunes means that the iPhone has long seemed the go-to Smartphone for music junkies, android phones have done a lot of catching up with a number of well-engineered, practical and smartly-designed music apps.  Here are a few of the best.


Though this App is free to download, it does come with a £10 monthly subscription, and though that might seem a lot, it comes with a lot too.  Spotify’s music library is gigantic, from the mainstream to the most niche acts, and for £10 a month, you get unlimited access to it.  If you think about what it would take to buy that in HMV, £10 a month suddenly seems to be quite the canny investment. 

Again, an App that’s free to download, but comes with a monthly subscription of £3.  Again, for what you can potentially get for that, this is money well spent. is about expanding your musical horizons; essentially, when you search for an artist, you are taken to their ‘radio’, a stream that provides both their music and of artists like them, allowing you to move across musical stepping-stones from artist to artist.  If you’re using Spotify, that can also provide information to to make judgments for you, and help tailor it to your taste.

Sonos Controller

You do need a Sonos Connect Wireless music system, but if you’ve got one, then you can use this free App as a remote controller that will enable you to manage the songs stored on your Sonos from anywhere in the world, stream music to any room in your house, and adjust its volume remotely.  It also comes with a well-developed voice-recognition element, so you can just tell it the song you want playing in your house, and it will start.