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NordLayer Review 2023: Is It Good?

Explore the comprehensive NordLayer Review, a robust VPN-based network access security solution catering to startups and large enterprises.

Covering startups having small teams to major enterprises with a slew of connections to secure, NordLayer is a powerful VPN-based network access security solution.

You may use NordLayer as more of a collaborative corporate VPN manager at its most basic stage. You could thus administer all of your remote worker VPN connections by a web portal, introducing additional users with only a few clicks, as opposed to leaving it up to the individual employees. They receive an email, follow the link to install the VPN app (available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux), activate it, and they’re good to go. 

With 30+ global locations, powerful AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, integrated malware-blocking, and an auto-connect feature to guarantee your internet access is always secure, NordLayer’s premium VPN is instantly accessible when you activate it. Each team member can download the app and install it on any six of their personal devices, giving them permission to use the service wherever they are.

NordLayer Review

NordLayer Review

Web Dashboard

The core of NordLayer Teams is its web dashboard, which allows you to add people, administer your network, and keep tabs on everything that’s happening.

Simply pasting the recipients’ email addresses into the text box and a single click can be used to invite employees. Users can be allocated to Teams, which may represent different business divisions. However, you can organize these according to your preference.

If you subscribe to the Advanced plan, you can set up dedicated servers, apply custom gates, and choose which groups can access what by using your Teams as a permissions system.

NordLayer for Mac, Windows, Android

Users of NordLayer Basic are limited in what they can do, and their Teams mostly serve as a convenient way to group users together to enable them to discover them and later revoke their access if necessary.

The settings can be managed centrally, but there are only a few options available: the use of two-factor authentication, biometric logins, software upgrades, and NordLayer’s ThreatBlock, a built-in malware-blocking system, as well as login methods such as email account, Google, Azure, Okta, as well as OneLogin.

Even less user tracking is available, with simply the last access time and device name of a team member being visible. This is in no way comparable to the control provided by some of the rivals.

Despite sharing the same technology as NordVPN, NordLayer has its own apps. These are more basic and less complicated, requiring less instruction or assistance. Although advanced users might miss NordVPN’s configuration options, taking away the premium features also lessens the possibility that a team member could endanger their security.

Sometimes VPN functionality differs between systems, but not in this case. The same emphasis on ease over all else was observed when we looked at the Mac, Android, and iOS apps.


NordLayer is made to help IT specialists and business operations teams of various levels of competence spend less time managing distant network access. Your team may work safely from any location in the world thanks to the extensive server network that assures a good user experience. 

To simplify NordLayer’s functionality for anyone to understand is a team-based business VPN manager. So as an admin you can manage remote workers’ VPNs in a single web-based dashboard instead of letting the users control their own setups. Adding a new user is as easy as adding an email user. You can simply send them invitations from the dashboard, and they can download VPN app on their Windows, Mac, Linux, or any smartphone OS from the link, and they’re ready to work on a secure channel.

Mobile Apps for NordLayer Business VPN

Each team member can install the VPN on up to 6 devices. The NordLayers proven VPN has 30+ global locations, a kill-switch, built-in malware blocking capability, auto-connect feature, and secure AES-256 encryption making sure your remote workers internet connection is fully protected. For added security, it offers 2FA protection through SMS or email verification.


NordLayer support is available to assist you if you experience any issues with the service.

The primary focus is a knowledge base on the web. It’s remarkably simple, not a patch for NordVPN, but it pretty much covers the essential setup and troubleshooting questions, including installation on different platforms, straightforward explanations of a few settings, and instructions on how to speed up VPN connections, increase reliability, and take care of a few other typical problems.

Thankfully, NordLayer’s support staff is always accessible. When you tap the Help icon in the app, a screen where you can ask questions, describe issues, or otherwise express your problem is opened. Additionally, the website offers live chat and email services.

Subscription plan and pricing

The easy pricing offered by NordLayer is a welcome respite from the nuances frequently present with other network security solutions.

Payment is effectively centralized. There is only going to be one invoice, regardless of the number of users you employ. Additionally, since licenses are transferable, you can quickly transfer them to another employee in the event of a departure.

Nordlayer currently offers a basic 12-month plan; for $7 per month. (Total cost of $84) The complete VPN, live chat assistance around-the-clock, a unified dashboard and administration tools, two-factor authentication, and SSO are all included in NordLayer Basic. It costs $9 per user per month billed, or $7 provided you subscribe for a year in advance. 

NordLayer Pricing

With NordLayer Advanced, you receive professional account management and priority support. Additional layers of access control can be added with the use of biometrics, and dedicated servers can be purchased for $40–$50 a month in order to get specialized IPs, IP facilitating, site-to-site features, Smart Remote Access, and other functions. The cost per user is $11 invoiced monthly or $9 billed annually.

There are no extra fees or rules that would complicate living. There are no price tiers that vary if you have more than x users, and there are no yearly contracts. The price you see is the price you’ll pay; all you have to do is start with one user and add as many as you need. Simple.

Therefore, NordLayer appears to have a fair mid-range price. However, it is still wise to research the market and find a service that has the optimal features and functionality for you.


NordLayer is a simple-to-use service with high-quality apps that are simple yet well-engineered, making it simple to protect employee access to your internet and networks. However, you should test the service thoroughly before signing up for the entire organization because it lacks the power, control, and monitoring capabilities of the best competitors.

We hope you found our NordLayer Review informative and insightful. Discover how this powerful solution can transform network access security for your organization.

Download NordLayer for as low as 7 USD/month